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Welcome to Mums on the Run

IMAG0002Mums on the Run started early 2010, as a name, for a group of 4 mums who decided to test themselves athletically. The task they set before themselves was huge, 100km of trail walking in 48 hours.  We needed a name for our group, and this was the best option.

From those days of early mornings, and long walks, the name has expanded. Three of us were new to trail walking and sought out to find appropriate gear at a reasonable price to suit our budgets, with limited knowledge and experience. So, in-between the trail runs and walks, I decided it was time there was an easily accessible place to find all of this sort of information for the new woman runner. In particular, mums, who may find it hard to do the research needed so that they can start on a new and fitter life.

Quiet Times

1237476_10152245313458102_1830203843_oI thought I should put something up here since it has been soooo quiet for a while now.

Where have I been? I have been busy with schooling the kids, working in our home based business and then on the weekends I have been playing at being a sports trainer for whoever will take me.

While I have been present at runs, I have been on the other side, helping to take care of the runners.

I have been a water pusher, blister girl, the one who gives you a dirty look when you scoff a red bull halfway through an ultra, and ice dispenser. I have taped, rubbed, applied pressure, cleaned up grazes, and in one case, got very little sleep over the course of a weekend. And I enjoyed it!

Seeing all the runners out there, seemingly having fun, being elated and allowably covered from head to toe in sweat. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

I have also seen the tears of relief and regret, joy and anguish. I have seen the pain of those with unplanned injuries, and then the increased pain of those who still run on those injuries.

Being a sports trainer was never something I imagined I would do, or be, but somehow I can see a future in it, especially in the trail running scene. I enjoy these, as the competitors are friendly, mostly happy and almost always ready to have a friendly chat. Sometimes they even send you a gift! (Thankyou!!!)

In admist these fun times, I have had some down time for a little bit of surgery (all better now), attended violin concerts (my kids were in them), seen specialists (for another child) and generally been very busy, but now I think it is time to get back to what I started and go through my list of products to be reviewed with a possible re-review.

Prams On The Go


This is a wonderful concept practised on the Sunshine Coast. Not only is it a way for mums of young kids (and babies) to get out but also gives that something extra with the kids getting a chance to watch mum be active and have some fun.

Here is some of their info

Prams on the Go is for mums of all abilities wanting to keep fit, meet other mums and enjoy the outdoors with their little ones. It can be difficult finding child care when wanting to keep fit, so why not exercise with your child? It teaches them the importance of exercise and helps keep you energised and active in order to keep up with the demands of being a mum. Each session will begin with a warm up walk or run (your choice), and include interval running, circuit training and stretching.
Mudjimba and Alexandra Headlands have been chosen due their wide paths (a must with a group of prams), fenced children’s parks, access to toilets and cafes. We will do our circuits near a park to allow little ones to play whilst you are exercising.

Cost: $8 for a casual session or $70 for a 10-visit pass.

Current sessions are:

Mondays 5:15pm - Alex SLSC South Carpark - Bring the Pram along and join in with the Atlas Multisports Coaching run session. Corinne will be running with her pram and this session is catered for mums who would like to run and are possibly training for an upcoming race.

Thursday's 9:00am - Mudjimba Park - FREE run/walk session! This will be a running or walking group for mums who would like to get out there and exercise with other mums. Starts at 9:00am to allow for school drop off!
Prams on the Go will not be on in rainy weather. A post will be placed on our facebook page if it is cancelled.


Glasshouse 100 Recap

297861_10151051439007951_18465299_nThis weekend just gone was the Glasshouse 100 trail run. Once again I didn’t compete but I helped out in varying positions. I helped set-up, pull-down, top up drinks, chauffeur, take down times, converse with the media and perform minor first aid. I went in as a sports trainer/first aid person so I was forever watching the people, scanning the crowds and talking to people. I loved it all!

I didn’t run the course but I heard stories and 99.999% of people were happy with the event, the only concerns being some of the motor cycle riders purposely directing some runners off course.

On the first aid side of things, I was surprised with how well people fared after the longer events, with most just being worn out physically and emotionally, and a few even looking like they could go another round if asked. There was a few who tripped and skinned their elbows, but once the blood and dirt was cleared away they were small and superficial and required no dressings. There were others who came in looking pale and a little distressed, one was even crying and in pain due to an ITB issue. Most had support crew around and they were happy to take charge of their athlete.

After most of the day at base and seeing runner after runner come through (those I knew and those I didn’t) it was off home to deal with family then back out for the night shift and a visit to checkpoint 10. This is where I saw more injuries and more exhaustion. For the short amount of time I was there, I saw 2 people pulled off the course, unable to continue (120km in, approx.), many others flying in and back out again and the support of many people in what seemed like the middle of no where.

After another short stint at home (so much more comfy then the car) I bundled up the kids and headed back up to base and put them to work in helping clean up and organise a few things. I checked on a few people, hunted out my missing blanket and removed a bee sting from my daughter’s thumb (she was trying to catch bees!).

It was a great weekend, and an inspiring one, so much happened and you really had to be there to see it unfold.

If you participated, rest up and I look forward to seeing you at another Glasshouse event next year.

Banana Boat Sunscreen

2012-06-22 Running Gear 005Here in Queensland you need to take care of your skin and protect it from the harsh sun. This statement is partly true. The true bit being that we do need to protect our skin, but those living outside of Queensland, Australia should also look after their skin and can sometimes get caught off guard by the cooler weather. I know I am guilty of not wearing sunscreen all of the time, and my excuses are many. One being that I don’t like the greasy feel and how it feels when I sweat. I think I have found a way around this, and it isn’t by wearing long sleeve shirts, it is by using Banana Boat’s Dry Touch Sunscreen.

I first tried their sunscreen almost 2 years ago when I found myself down in sunny Byron Bay about to go for a run and discovered I had not bought any sunscreen. So, I ventured into an overpriced corner store and found what looked like a suitable sunscreen. I figured it would do and I could make it last. It was great, as I avoided sunburn, did not feel like I had been sitting in a vat of butter after my run and it was in an easily gripped bottle. I was able to forget that I was wearing it, it was that good. Holding the bottle even felt nice and during the application of sunscreen, i did not loose my grip on it.

After that weekend away, I forgot about it for some time, and then my husband came searching for some sunscreen so I gave it to him. He is a photographer and needed something which didn’t give him greasy hands or leave smudges on his equipment. Now we have our own bottles for those times when we don’t want the greasy feel!

While it isn’t the cheapest sunscreen on the supermarket shelf and in a small 175ml bottle, it does hold a lot of benefits over the others out there so I recommend it to those who would prefer the ‘dry touch’ for playing sport, or doing anything out in the sun when greasy is a concern.

So, for this product, I give it a rating of 4 out of 5. While I love the product, for a family of 6 it isn’t the most economical option out there so we still purchase the cheaper options when covering the whole family for a day at the beach.

No Pain No Gain

How many times have we heard this, or “Push through the pain” or “Pain is for losers”

How wrong are those slogans or sayings.

Thinking back to my experience of pain I would say that ‘pushing through the pain’ not only failed but it caused my running injury to be more serious then it should have been. My knee hurt but I could still run on it and I did. I kept going through that pain barrier until  my stride was comfortable with minimal discomfort in my knee. It wasn’t too long before I couldn’t walk properly and had to realise I couldn’t run until I was healed and healed properly.

I learnt a few things through this and they are:

  • pain is the body’s way of telling you there is something wrong
  • if you don’t listen to it you could make it worse
  • there are different types of pain (the muscles warming up, things breaking down even if it is slowly)
  • stretching and warming up are both important but in the right order
  • listen to your doctor/physio

Another thing hit home the other day also, and that was a disabled lady telling me how people say she has it easy being in a wheel chair all the time, when they have two good legs!

I have two good legs, and I need to look after them, and then they should take me far. I need to listen to it when they get sore, I need to assess and possibly stop. I had to do this yesterday. My right ITB started to twinge, in my buttock and then in my knee. Fortunately it was only 1km from the end and I was able to use a little pressure to help me get through that last 1km and then apply an icy cold bottle of water to it.

Today it feels fine but it is something I will be watching out for on future runs.

I will listen to my body and take it slow, maybe reassess my goals and give myself room to take it slowly (10km in 6mths).

Moving Comfort

2012-06-22 Running Gear 014Just recently I had the opportunity to try and review Moving Comfort’s newest sports bra, the Jubralee.

The first thing I noticed when it arrived was the size of it. I thought it was huge! It certainly had a lot more material then my normal push-up style bras do, even the triumph sports bra had less material.

Once I got over the initial surprise I started to explore it in more depth and marvelled at the thought put into it. The outer material is a lycra of sorts and contained a decent amount of stretch, while the inner lining seems to be of the non-stretch variety but it contained moulding so it should fit properly. The straps themselves were adjustable and you could do this from the front (YAY! Love this feature). They were also held in place by some pieces of micro velcro, and it was very secure. The back had a 3 eye & hook closure so it felt secure when done up. Another feature on the inside was the soft velvety lining they used where exposed seams may have chaffed you during a long run. I was in love with it from the moment I tried it on.

Once all this exploring was done, and the photos were taken, it was time to take the Jubralee out for a test run of 5km. I did not run at my normal pace but was pushed along by a friend so I got to experience it a bit more then I would have if I had just plodded along. The bra felt great. It was comfortable, I felt secure (i.e. no uncomfortable bouncing) and there was no riding up. I had read a couple of reviews where these style of bras had tended to ride up during a run, so I was conscious of it and was happy to report that there was no riding up, no slippage either. It stayed in place and did it’s job.

While the price of this sports bra is a bit outside of a Kmart budget it is a great investment as it does all that a good sports bra should do and still looks good on. It comes in a wide variety of sizes starting at 8C and all the way up to 18E, and as most larger busted women can attest, the larger sizes aren’t always easier to find. You can expect to pay $94.95 for this one, but I think it is worth it.

I give this bra a 5 out of 5, as they seem to be a great make and the business itself seems to be well thought out.

So, thankyou Moving Comfort for giving me this opportunity.

Shop - Moving Comfort

Picture – Dreamcoat Photography

Fly Active Arm Pocket

2012-06-22 Running Gear 008This is the Fly Active Arm Pocket, and I received this after I submitted an answer to a question from Women's Running Magazine (Australia).

Not only does it have 2 zippered pockets, these pockets seem to be water/sweat proof. They are made of a neoprene material with thin layer of water resistant material between the pockets and on the back. The arm pocket fastens around your upper arm with a simple, but effective, strip of velcro. They are adequately encased in soft neoprene so as to ensure no unpleasant chafing. One other handy feature of this product is the little retractable ID tag.

For me, this product was a great invention and I loved the hands free, nothing bumping around my waist, option. It fit snugly and was not at all uncomfortable and it help up over a 10km course, and lots of sweating.

One thing I didn’t like was the size of the pockets. My smart phone (HTC Touch Diamond) just fit in the pocket but I felt that the material was putting too much pressure on the power button (it turned on the screen every time I put it in) and if I was to put my car/house key in there also, then it could put too much pressure on the glass of my phone’s screen. On my trial run, I kept my phone in my skirt pocket and stored my keys, some money and an ID card in the arm pocket.

The keys, money and ID card appeared to be dry and sweat free at the other end. On the run I hardly noticed it or the items inside.

It is a great product, and a great idea. For those carrying a smaller phone it would be a ideal and could take place over the bum/waist bag. For me though, it wasn’t such a great thing and I will only use it when I can store my phone in a pocket.

I give it a score of 3 out of 5

Fly Active

Photo by Dreamcoat Photography

Caloundra Foreshore Fun Run 2012

2012-06-22 Running Gear 012This year I took part of the Caloundra Foreshore Fun Run, with a bunch of great people.

For this race there were 3 different fields in which you could participate. There was the 10km run (which I did), the 3km run, and 3km family walk. Each distance was along the beautiful Sunshine Coast in the not too early morning sun.

The day was perfect, the breeze was refreshing and the atmosphere was alive and encouraging. We ran past picturesque cafes, ocean views, ANZAC memorabilia and through lush park land. There was plenty of toilets, the occasional water fountain and water stations at the 3km, 6km and 8.5km marks. The volunteers who manned the course were all friendly and had an encouraging word for those who ran by. They smiled and guided us well, though the signage (course markers) for the event were adequate and easy to read.

The only thing I could see as a bad mark for this run was the water at the water stops. It tasted heavily chlorinated and was almost too unpleasant to drink. I was glad to see the water fountains along the way as I was then able to fill up with more pleasant water. I would have liked to see some form of salt, or electrolyte towards the end of the course, even if it was just at the first aid tent. Something so simple as salt would have been a good addition especially for those who lost a lot through their sweat. ( I talked to few who expressed the same concern). Though there was a good selection of fruit available, all fresh and tasty, at the end, with a few food stalls set up also. I took in my missing salt via a bacon & egg burger.

After the run the atmosphere was still alive and encouraging as there was various different stalls advertising, and selling runner appropriate gear (Saucony’s for $50 a pair!), delicious food and a bus ride back to the beginning so we could collect our car.

For me the run brought back memories of when I had visited certain spots along the coast line, with family. Where we had built giant sandcastles, swam in the beach side pool, watched the kids play under the water fountains and explored the rock pools. 

It was those memories, and the beautiful scenery which kept me going, or in some cases, slowing down.

I think I shall do it again next year, with the hope of bettering my time (1:26:26) and see what they have done to make it even better.

Caloundra Foreshore Fun Run

Photo by Dreamcoat Photography


Running in the Cold


Over the last week I have been talking to women (and some men if you count my hubby) about running in the cold weather. Now that winter has hit here in sunny, cloudy, Queensland, I thought it was time to look at what you would wear during those early morning runs. Or even those runs at a more reasonable time of the day.

Firstly, let’s get my hubby’s points out of the way. He, personally, won’t wear anymore than he has to, wearing only shorts and a singlet to run in. He is from New Zealand so for him this is warm. It is very rare for him to wear more then this at any time of the year.

Ok, now onto the mums I have spoken to.

No one seemed to like the cold, though they all seemed to have techniques of getting up and out there. One mother runs with her girls so she starts a little bit later when temperatures are a little more pleasant so excess running gear is kept to a minimum. Another runs in layers, and takes them off as she runs, while another heads out in a long sleeved top.

The big thing I have found out was that it takes commitment, possibly friends, a dog or kids to get you out there when it is chilly. It would be so easy to just stay in bed and snuggle down into the warm blankets and pretend you will do it later. Having those cooler weather running clothes also makes it that little bit easier to get out as you will be warm, and if they are made of technical fabric, then they will still do the job of your short sleeved tops.

The most important thing is to dress sensibly. For example, if you find cold fingers a problem, then wear a pair of gloves (I like my light weight cotton knit gloves).

For cold ears or to avoid loosing excess body heat then a beanie or head band may be necessary.

Cold toes? Then maybe a pair of thicker socks.

What you wear is up to you but dressing to the season and understanding that you will warm up and then have to carry shed clothing or have to find somewhere to stash it, if you do an out and back run, can be a little bit of a problem.

For me I prefer to run in long tights, my gloves and slightly heavier shirt then my summer shirts. Though, on those colder mornings, I will drag out my only long sleeved running shirt which has a soft brushed cotton feel on the inside. And afterwards, if I am not at home, I will throw on a jumper so that I don’t cool down too much (and have a hot chocolate or tea)

Tell me how you dress for those colder morning runs? Do you brave the cold or cover up a little more?