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2 April 2020 - 5:30am


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Cooks Tour

Cooks Tour run and organised by TRAQ

Today I didn’t run. Instead I observed, hassled and took an interest in people who looked a bit injured or unwell. I did my part at checkpoint 8 and then back at the pool (base) as a sports trainer (newby).

I saw those who had fallen and scraped up a knee, but the real injury being on the opposite foot.

I saw those who weren’t drinking enough and therefor the scales weighed too little. I told those people to either drink more electrolytes, or water, and for those who were spot on we joked and said well done.

I saw a lady with a sore ITB who had run 10km on it and was in tears at the finish line. I gave her some advice, an ice pack and told her husband to look after her. (and seek professional advice)

I rubbed calves, learnt the best way to lance blisters and settle upset stomachs.

I watched, I observed and I learnt how to hold my bladder for 5+ hours.

But this wasn’t all about me.

There were lots of people on this course and we had over 200 people go through checkpoint 8. There was also those volunteers manning the different checkpoints and many of those people had been up since the early hours of the morning. They set up, they cooked, they prepared and they minded. They shivered, they laughed and showed great sportsmanship. Without these people the run would not be possible.

The runners themselves (quite a few of them mums) were cheery and pleasant and generally uninjured. Some were slow, some were fast and those who ran with friends chatted and laughed lots. Some even chatted so much they missed their turn off point by 1km!

Overall it was a great day, well planned and thought out. It left me with the feeling of wanting to go back and do it all again. Most people had smiles on their faces and seemed to enjoy themselves.

Bring on Flinders Tour!

Narangba Valley Runners and Walkers

Narangba Valley Runners and WalkersA review

Not long ago a need was seen and identified. It was discussed and then acted upon. Narangba Valley has paths that follow a tree lined creek, where you can hear the birds singing and delight in dappled sunlight and bright native flowers.
A track was marked out along these paths, making sure to take in the beauty that was present in this area. It was a 5km loop with the potential to be extended to include longer distances.
The run itself attracts a variety of runners and walkers. Those who are slow, fast and in between. We run to the rising sun, the chill of the early morning quickly disappearing as our bodies warmed up with exercise. Then, at the end of the run, we keep our bodies warm with hot chocolates or coffee from the local coffee shop, who opened early to cater for our small social running group.
As a participant of the runs, both walking and jogging, I enjoyed it as everyone was still there at the end and there was no first or last place,  no losers or winners. It was exercise with a group along some lovely paths, and quiet roads. A bit of adult time, personal challenges and successes.
It was something for everyone.

So, come join us for an early Sunday morning run at 6.30am, meeting at the Narangba valley Woolworths. You don't need to live in the area to join in, you just need to turn up on time.

You can find the group also on Facebook at

Running In Other Peoples Shoes

Don't do it
Today I forgot my shoes for my walking date. I honestly didn't think we were even going out. My thongs weren't practical, and nor was barefoot. So I borrowed a pair of shoes, and clean socks. They were the right size and everything, except for the width across the toes. We did 3km in those shoes, only walking, and now I have blisters!
They weren't right for my feet and I could feel it. My knees hurt, my toes got blisters and they just weren't my shoes.
Maybe this has happened to you, maybe it hasn't. Regardless of whether it has or hasn't, I would recommend against trying it as it could cause all sorts of issues, more than what just happened to me. These shoes won't necessarily be the right sort for you, they might not have the right arch support, the right width (or even length), they will be worn according to the other person’s foot fall.

If you want to know what a certain pair of shoes are like, ask around and get differing opinions, go try on different shoes at the sport shoe shops (they can fit you correctly), spend some time researching.

Everyone’s feet are different, everyone has different needs and you shouldn’t really just wear anything or you could end up with an injury. Take care of your feet so that they can take care of you.

Wild Horse Criterium

This year I didn’t get the chance to compete in this event (hopefully next year) but the owner of Pooch to 5k did and one of the competitors was nice enough to provide her with a race report.



“This was written by Melissa Kelly, after her first trail race with her dog.

When you think of Easter Sunday, you think of chocolate for breakfast and late sleep ins. This year, this was not to be for a large group of runners who had joined me in participating in the Wild Horse Criterium of 2012.”

Read more of this report here


Did you run? If so, how did you find it? Please share your experiences with us.

Race Reviews

Does anyone have any race reviews they wish to submit about races which have recently happened?

We would love to see other people’s views on how things went.

You can contact us on out contact page

Doozie collapsible drink bottles

IMG_9616I first saw these swinging from a lady's hand bag/nappy bag and thought it looked kind of handy, something that could be used on a hike, possibly on a run and would be an easy storage solution for when out and about. Next I saw them hanging out the front of robins kitchen advertised at $2.95 so I thought it wouldn't hurt to trial them. If they worked as I wanted them to then they would be a good and cheap addition to my running kit.
Did they work? Yes and no. They did work as intended but were a little awkward to carry while running to I used the attached clip and put it in my daughters bike. They do carry a decent amount, 450ml, so the fluid level was adequate. I was wearing a waist bag with my phone in it, and once emptied and rolled up it fitted in nicely.
While I wouldn't use this for running it will be handy for a hike, heading out to an activity or perhaps holding a post run drink. It will take up no room at all when it is empty and will fit nicely in an esky full of food as the sides are flexible.
My score - well this is one of those things you will have to make up your own mind about but I won't be using it on a run and it will be used by family for when we go out.

Hares and Hounds

It was a good day to be out and running through the Australian bush, along dirt trails. The day started with light cloud cover, giving false promises of a cool and even temperatured day. It wasn’t long upon arriving that the clouds decided to dissipate, and with that the humidity rose. It was still pleasant however, it just meant you sweated a little more.

Today I ran with my 4 girls, which was an interesting experience in itself. One was super eager to run and took off as soon as the gun went off. Fortunately the track was really well marked and there was no need for her to heed my instructions should she get lost. She did fine and apparently arrived in before the first 10k runner (we were doing the 5k). The others stayed with me on strict instructions not to get out of my sight. My eldest, who has had a break from running, struggled under the humidity, heat and hills. Possibly also the fact she didn’t eat breakfast beforehand either. She made it around and for that I am proud of her. My youngest two did well and quite often I would send them ahead to the ‘next white ribbon’ at which they would get a little break and sometimes a sip of water. The ribbons were about 50m apart.

All of my girls did well on this run, especially considering the level of training they have had recently, which hasn’t been a lot. I think it has also given them a taste for these types of races. We came dead last in the 5k but we completed it and the girls got extra claps from the spectators for completing it all.

Ask them what the best bit was, and they will surely say it was the bbq brunch and pool afterwards. Ask me, and I will say it was the atmosphere, especially since everyone was a winner and everyone was accounted for.

I must give a shout out to the organisers of this event – TRAQ – Not only are they friendly and helpful, their volunteers are the same, and when my 10yr old won a bottle of wine in the random draw prizes, they were only too happy to exchange it for a block of chocolate. So thanks heaps for a wonderful event Smile


Pictures to come once the photographer gets home from shooting it.

Hares and Hounds

Run Location: 
Woodford Pool

A great run for all fitness abilities and very family friendly.

This is the first in the Glasshouse series for the year.


Happy New Year


Day 11

And day 12.

Well, I finished. I just took a much needed, and forced, break from it all and came back zumba-ing and walking/jogging. I finished!

By doing this forced exercise I came to realise that routine is important, I need to take breaks and not plan anything for some days a week. I also came to realise that I need to up my exercise level if I want to shake the fat and get back to where I was, able to run 9km non-stop. Well I was almost there, and I could definitely do 6km non-stop. Either way, I just want to get back what I lost, and I now have different ways to keep active when I can’t get out there.

I have called this last month my New Year’s resolution. I think I gave myself a head start into the New Year with this exercise and shall hopefully be able to continue into 2012 and past the first few months.

I have already signed up for my first trail run, with all 4 of my girls eagerly joining me.

So, how did you go over the festive season?