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Stuffed Up

Oops! I missed day 11 and 12 in the 12 days of Christmas. I will make them up, soon, I promise.

But, we all make mistakes, set goals which are hard to achieve and feel like we have let ourselves down. We haven’t really, we have tried, we have persevered, and so what if we didn’t make the finish line, we still gave it a go where others wouldn’t have.

I do feel better for it, and I do realise that I can’t commit to every day of the week. I need those times when I can sleep in, relax or just not have to commit to something else (and that includes letting the kids play on the wii). If I do this again, I will try for every day, or at least most days, and if I miss a day here and there I won’t be too upset. I will be more lenient on myself and take into account how busy I can be sometimes and just the thought of fitting something in is too much. One thing that has happened due to the regular exercise is my increased metabolism, or at least that is what I am assuming it is as I now feel hungry between meals instead of eating a meal because it is that time of the day. I don’t have the junk food cravings I used to, and today I had to wear the belt with my jeans as it was getting a little loose. All pluses in my box.

So, get started now, don’t wait for the New Year, and don’t stress over missing the odd workout. Enjoy the journey and if you stop you can always start again.

9th & 10th Day



Slack…hmm, yes, a little in updating, but I didn’t slack off in completing my challenge

On the 9th day of Christmas my true love gave to me… well today I went for my regular Wednesday walk with a friend. I imagine we did around 3km, talked, laughed and got a breath of fresh air(and some quiet as no kids joined us). It was a good end to the day.

On the 10th day of Christmas my true love gave to me… he looked over my kids coaching plan and gave it the go ahead, so did the head coach and one of my friends. This was the second time I have coached the kids at running club and I was happy to send off one of the older girls to join the adults in their 1 mile predictor race. We did a warm up jog, some skipping (high knees and arms), a fun activity, push-ups for those who wouldn’t be quiet or listen, some repeats and lots of chatting. I just need to learn how to make it smoother and gain their attention more. I imagine I ran about 1km, but the kids probably did more.

On a different note, I did find out that the 12 days of Christmas did in fact refer to the 12 days after Christmas, and not before. And it had a lot to do with fertility also. Oh well…I only have 2 days left Smile

8th Day

20111221_mowingOn the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me… Hmm, well let’s see. I didn’t feel up to heading out for a run, it was a lazy comfortable day and the grass was getting long so I dragged out my newly fixed lawn mower and made the front yard look neat (as neat as you can without using the edge trimmer). This was my exercise for today, long straights, up and down the hill near the house and fancy manoeuvring around the manhole and various other things in the front yard. It may not be a lot of exercise but i was able to see what I had done and felt like I had achieved something. Sometimes you just need to see what you have achieved and sometimes you don’t get to see that straight away when you run. You may feel it though.

7th Day

20111219_hill repeatsOn the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… well I guess he gave me the garmin a while ago which beeps at me, but today I did hill repeats on a nice little hill I found at a park. It wasn’t very steep but it was enough for today and my limited time. I gave myself 30 seconds to get up, and 30 seconds to get back to where I started. I only had time to do 7 hill runs, plus a warm up and cool down. I am happy with it and may continue doing something similar as I go past this park regularly (and the kids like to play there also).

6th Day

imageWhere is the 5th day? Umm, well…

On the 5th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…. well, I used the sewing machine he gave to me years ago. I sewed 5 things – 2 dresses for kids, 1 hoody and 2 pairs of curtains. No exercise for me this day, unless you count the brain exercise. But it is good to have some time off now and then and I always find there is at least one day a week when I just chill and don’t do too much (even trying to keep it clear of kids appointments)


On the 6th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me….. the bike I rode today for 6km (I got it last Christmas). Today was our last club run of the year, followed by a small Christmas party (very casual wear since most people were sweaty from running). To get to the club run, I rode 3km there, and then did the 4km run (more a walk/jog for me), followed by a 3km ride home, and a shower and nap.

4th Day of Christmas

image On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, well, we went for a bike ride over 4km, with 3 of the kids

The 12 Days of Christmas

imageIt is that time of year where there are parties, food, and alcohol galore. Sometimes there doesn’t feel like there is enough time in the day to even fit in a decent workout.

This month I challenged myself to move, workout, or sweat each day of the month. So far so good, apart from one Sunday when I just had time off.

So, for the 12 days leading up to Christmas I thought I would post up my daily movements, with the hope they might encourage others, or that others may post up their movements also.

(Yes I am a couple of days behind already in posting this, but I did start then)


Day 1

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, money to fix the lawn mower. (Which I used until the petrol ran out. I did 3/4 of the front yard)


Day 2

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a very early start (3.50am) and time to mow the back yard (and remaining front yard) till sweat dripped off of me


Day 3

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a kid who needs glasses, lots of paper work and time to Zumba (on the Wii; and maybe running club)


Mums On The Run in Pictures

20111128_MOTheR220111128_MOTheRI asked my 12yr old (nearly 13 as she would remind me) daughter to draw a couple of pictures of mums on the run. This is what she came up with.

I could see these on a shirt somewhere

Poor Me

My knees hurt, I need to loose weight and I am tired.

I hate complaining, but we all do it, and sometimes it even stops us from getting out and running. I know it stops me and that is why I have given myself a challenge, well, more of a lifestyle change. I am giving myself until Christmas to change a few things, get ready for the new year and form some good habits.

There are stretches, and exercises, that I can do to strengthen my knees and legs. This should take away a lot of the knee pain.

There are diet habits which can be changed, and will be easy since we are in the time of the year when salads and fresh fruit are plentiful (and my garden is blooming), so loosing weight and still enjoying food shouldn’t be a problem. This will help all three complaints to disappear.

I have started planning a daily exercise regimen which will include a variety of exercises (strength, aerobic, stretches). I have made it easy to achieve and simple enough that my girls (7yrs through to 15yrs) should be able to replicate in their lives. It is only short so time shouldn’t be a problem, and it can always be expanded as I get fitter, stronger and healthier.

I want to be able to do more and not be held back by injuries, so I need to start now, not later. There will be no New Years resolutions from me. Next year is already starting for me and I am setting small, achievable goals which will hopefully rub off on the rest of the family also.

How do you get past the complaints?

Triumph Sports Bras

2011-10-26 Triumph Sportsbra 022Thanks to the great people at Triumph I was recently given the opportunity to trial a couple of their sports bras from the Michelle Bridges series.

First off the block was the Triaction Extreme Moulded sports bra.

I love the colour of this one. It is bright, bold and eye catching (if you decide to show your friends during a trail run). It has wide (not too wide) shoulder straps which are padded for extra comfort, a double hook & eye closure on the back (with enough material to avoid chafing), comfortable underwire (no chafing yet again) and supportive, soft cups. I felt secure in this and was able to wear it all day long without straps falling down, or underwire digging in. I felt comfortable, feminine and well supported. The sizing of this garment is pretty spot on and you should go for the size you normally wear.

I trialled this first out on my favourite trail run, a reasonably easy 5km loop. It isn’t flat and there is hills, and there are rocks and tree roots to trip/step over. Over the course I did not feel any uncomfortableness from bouncing, the shoulder straps didn’t dig in and it wasn’t done up too tight so as to restrict my breathing. It was a very positive experience in all. The next time I went out was on a short run over flat lawn, and once again, it proved it’s worth. The final test to see how it held up was an all day wear, where we were on our feet all day long, learning to coach in different track & field events. We jumped, ran, flung, skipped and stood around. After this all day coaching experience we (friends & I) then threw in a 5.5km trail/dirt road run, where we jumped over rocks, side stepped washed out gullies and plodded along picturesque country roads. At the end of that day I was wishing I could wash it and wear it again the next. This whole day experience won me over.

Would I recommend this sports bra? Yes, definitely yes. Even with the $59.95 price tag, it is money well spent.

I hope to have many km’s with this bra.


2011-10-26 Triumph Sportsbra 031The second bra I got to trial was the Triaction Seamfree sports bra.

This one was quite different from the first, especially in the fit. While I was quite comfortable in the Extreme Moulded sports bra, this one felt a little too constricting. Perhaps it was my untoned abs that caused the discomfort or the large lunch I had just eaten. Who knows, but the first time I wore it I declared ‘I have a mono-boob!’  I had not worn a crop top style bra for many years. (note: the run that day fizzled and never happened so it didn’t get a work out). The next time I trialled it, it was gently raining and I felt a little bit of movement there, mostly at the neck of the bra. It was only minimal and when I finally got to jogging with it on, I was happy with it’s performance. With it’s crossed over straps at the back (racer back style) I could feel the support it gave to my back and I was less inclined to slouch forward while running and more inclined to keep a good posture. That day we completed it’s biggest run of 3km.

I haven’t had too many runs in this top but I am looking forward to the day that I can don it, and it’s gel pad (in the hook and eye closure section) and run along comfortably. It would possibly fit better had I smaller boobs too. If this was the type of thing you enjoyed wearing, I would say go for it. It has a great name and brand associated with it, and they have thought about the comfort and styling for someone who is on the go in a variety of different sporting situations. It is also at a great price of $39.95.

Would I recommend this bra? Yes, but only to those who already like this style (like my 13 year old daughter).

I do however love the ‘glitter pink’ colour, and the other colours it is available in.


My general opinion of Triumph Triaction sports bras – They are well worth the money you would spend on them. They take the time to know what women want (bras that work) and have some pretty exciting colours in their range of technical fabric sports bras. So, give them a go if you haven’t already and find them on Facebook, get advice and find handy bits of information on more then just wearing the right sports bra for you. Triumph Triaction!


Pictures by : Dreamsport Photography

Bras from the Triumph Triaction series