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Technical Shirts

I am happy to announce that ‘Mums On The Run’ (or MOTheR) shirts will soon be available.

At this stage, they will just be white with a bit of black writing on them, and we won’t be keeping stock,unfortunately.

More details, to come soon once things are a bit better sorted.


Moving House

We are moving house, and shall be a little busy for a couple of weeks.

So, while I am away, feel free to peruse some of these links.

Run With Dogs

Pooch to 5K

Couch to 5K

Run Like A Mother


And while you are at it, you might like to sign up for an upcoming fun run (they are fun aren’t they)

Byron Fun Run

Dirt Fest


There is plenty of more good reading to be done via google (or whatever search engine you read), so if you come across some, please feel free to share the love and share with us.

Book Review : Run Like A Mother

run-like-a-motherWhat a good book to read. A must I would say for all mums on the run. I wouldn’t even go past saying that non-mums can read it too as there is a lot of useful information through out it. Not only does it offer a wealth of information it offers a great amount of support and motivation. It will get you moving.

It covers a broad amount of topics (from periods to negotiating the household, keeping your husband happy and providing a good role model for your kids), which you could almost be forgiven to thinking, that you were alone in. Not only does it affect you, but it affects others, and the reality of it is, that you don’t have to suffer on your own or be embarrassed.

There are many quotes through out the book, from other running mothers, which help add to the already present light heartedness of the book.

The only problem with this book is that it isn’t available in pdf format and most book shops won’t have it, but you can buy it from Booktopia. (whom I totally recommend)

So, get out there and read it, use it as inspiration and know you aren’t alone.

Sports Bras

2010-04-23 Running Gear 004-640Wearing a good, well fitting sports bra is a must when you run. It reduces the bounce and uncomfortableness of it.

This morning I went out for a 3km jog and quickly found that the old sports bra I found in the clean clothes pile was just not up to the job. It did not support me anymore, and I suspect it never really supported me at all. It was a cheap one I bought a few years back and wasn’t much more then a covering of non-stretch cotton with a little bit of mesh on the top. Around the same time as that one I bought 2, more expensive but properly fitted sports bras from an underwear shop and they are still among my favourites and still offer me comfort and support.

Since those early days I have seen the increase of sports bras in the department shops (K-Mart, Target, etc) and with this increase there has been an increase in quality. While you can still get the cheap and nasty ones which may do well for a run or two before the elastic stretches, you can now get the better quality ones at a reasonable price, in these shops. One of those can be seen to the left. This is a firm (read moulded) cup style with a racer back. Not only does this support it saves you from unnecessary embarrassment during or after a run. Due to the racer back design of this one it also encourages good posture. With this brand, it also has ratings according to the type of sports you would want to do while wearing one. This one was rated and recommended for joggers, cyclers and other similar intensity sports.

Not only can you buy the racer back style, you can also buy the ones which look like normal bras, the crop top type and even tops with built in support (though these are still best worn with a sports bra underneath as they don’t really offer support like you need). The choice in huge and now they even have colours other then white. So, when you are going out there to look for a suitable sports bra to start your adventures into the sporting world, try to choose something that has not only good support (jump up and down in the change room if you have to) but will last the distance, make sure you choose wisely because it is going to help make your next run a comfortable one.

Sports Socks

IMG_7971Brand : Crane (Aldi Brand)

Size : Men's size 6 – 10

Review : These socks work well, and a pair I bought at the beginning of the year have stood up well to the tests they were put through. They have travelled many km, sometimes in the same day. The almost seamless aspect of the heels did not produce any blisters (after a 24km trek), while the padding on the toes, heels and base of the foot added that extra little bit of comfort when being worn. The firm fitting band around the middle of the foot made these socks feel secure, which produced less slippage inside the shoe. The top of the sock is a mesh type of material, allowing your foot to breathe while being worn, and this is enhanced by the addition of coolmax.

I personally like the fact that they are ankle length socks, as anything over that tends to annoy me, and this way I don’t need to fold, push down or roll in order to keep them comfortable. I like these socks so much that when Aldi bought them back into stock, I bought a new set (3 pairs bundled together).

The bad part about these socks is that they only seem to be in men's sizes, which shouldn’t really be a problem as they are made to sit comfortably and securely on your foot and I have had no problem with the sizing (women's shoe size 9). The other bad part is that they only come into the stores occasionally as Aldi regularly changes it’s stock and once they are gone, they are gone, and you need to wait for the next time they appear in the shops, which means you can’t just buy them when you want them.

Price : $9.99 for a 3 pack

Joining A Club

2010-03-13 CRR Mt Mee Fun Run 652Joining a running club can be scary for some, especially if they don’t fit the common picture of running figure. The figure I refer to is the long, lean legs, flat abs and quite commonly, small chest. I think this is a common misconception of what a runner actually is.

Runners come in all shapes and sizes from tall with legs a mile long, to short and dumpy. A runner is just simple, someone who runs. You don’t have to fit a certain mould to call yourself a runner, let alone join a club. All you need is determination and perseverance.Joining a club can be beneficial to your running life as the people there will be able to offer you hints and tips on how to better yourself, coaching in areas you need and, quite possibly, a running buddy.

At the club I am a part of, we have 3 coaches who do different things. There is a coach for the kids, a coach for the newbies to advanced, and a coach for the more advanced, long distance runners. Each club session they do different things which are aimed at improving and pushing you. It doesn’t matter what level of fitness you are at, or what shape you are, you are encouraged to just do your best, and not keep up. The best thing is, that no one is competing against anyone else and the only person you need to beat is yourself.

So, take the plunge and go and visit the club, try it out and see if you like it, it could be just what you need.

Image Source : Tim Miller

Why Do You Run

Why do you run? Or want to run?

I am looking for mums who would like to have their story told as inspiration to others. You may not think it is interesting but I am sure there are others out there who do.

What I am asking you to do is just answer a few simple questions.

Name/nickname :

Mum status : already a mum; mum-to-be; mother in planning; grandmother

Why do you run/want to run :

What is your greatest achievement :

Anything else you want to say :

Running Calendar

Just wanted to let everyone know that the calendar is now up and running.
It has been set up so that only the races can be viewed without logging in. These races are usually publicly available on various different websites anyhow and are big events.
Training runs are more personal and are only visible to those who are members of this site, and are logged in.

Product Review : Hydration Pack

2010-04-23 Running Gear 018-640

Brand : Crane (Aldi sports line)

Bladder Capacity : 1.5 Litre

Storage Capacity : small, ideal for a short trek.

Review : While this bag is small and compact in size making it ideal for a shorter hike I would not recommend it for trail running. It is strong and sturdy, but the firm tape on the arms of the bag cause significant chaffing of my underarms on a 30km trail run (running interspersed with walking). The chest strap was not placed in the right position for a woman to wear it but was fortunately disconnected and able to be repositioned.

The other problem I had with this bag was the bite valve on the bladder. You had to turn the valve to allow free flowing of the water from the bladder, and this wasn’t a problem, but the problem was that the valve would easily come off, causing water to spill easily, and if the valve wasn’t turned off properly it would drip water.

The action of biting the rubber mouthpiece was great in design as you could easily find where you were supposed to bite and the water would flow freely.

Inside the separate storage area, there was a mesh pocket and key hook. In this, when the bladder was full, I was able to store a banana, muesli bar, energy bar and phone. (I wish I had stored my paw paw ointment as well)

This bag worked well for my 11 year old though on an 8km hike with the shoulder straps able to be shortened to accommodate the smaller frame.