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Judith's blog

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4th Day of Christmas

image On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, well, we went for a bike ride over 4km, with 3 of the kids

The 12 Days of Christmas

imageIt is that time of year where there are parties, food, and alcohol galore. Sometimes there doesn’t feel like there is enough time in the day to even fit in a decent workout.

This month I challenged myself to move, workout, or sweat each day of the month. So far so good, apart from one Sunday when I just had time off.

So, for the 12 days leading up to Christmas I thought I would post up my daily movements, with the hope they might encourage others, or that others may post up their movements also.

(Yes I am a couple of days behind already in posting this, but I did start then)


Day 1

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, money to fix the lawn mower. (Which I used until the petrol ran out. I did 3/4 of the front yard)


Day 2

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a very early start (3.50am) and time to mow the back yard (and remaining front yard) till sweat dripped off of me


Day 3

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a kid who needs glasses, lots of paper work and time to Zumba (on the Wii; and maybe running club)


Mums On The Run in Pictures

20111128_MOTheR220111128_MOTheRI asked my 12yr old (nearly 13 as she would remind me) daughter to draw a couple of pictures of mums on the run. This is what she came up with.

I could see these on a shirt somewhere

Poor Me

My knees hurt, I need to loose weight and I am tired.

I hate complaining, but we all do it, and sometimes it even stops us from getting out and running. I know it stops me and that is why I have given myself a challenge, well, more of a lifestyle change. I am giving myself until Christmas to change a few things, get ready for the new year and form some good habits.

There are stretches, and exercises, that I can do to strengthen my knees and legs. This should take away a lot of the knee pain.

There are diet habits which can be changed, and will be easy since we are in the time of the year when salads and fresh fruit are plentiful (and my garden is blooming), so loosing weight and still enjoying food shouldn’t be a problem. This will help all three complaints to disappear.

I have started planning a daily exercise regimen which will include a variety of exercises (strength, aerobic, stretches). I have made it easy to achieve and simple enough that my girls (7yrs through to 15yrs) should be able to replicate in their lives. It is only short so time shouldn’t be a problem, and it can always be expanded as I get fitter, stronger and healthier.

I want to be able to do more and not be held back by injuries, so I need to start now, not later. There will be no New Years resolutions from me. Next year is already starting for me and I am setting small, achievable goals which will hopefully rub off on the rest of the family also.

How do you get past the complaints?

Supporting the Team

Photo_ACEF4249-72B5-90F0-69D4-22E88DD0CC75The past two weekends I have supported teams out on the trail. First the Kokoda Challenge down the Gold Coast last weekend, and secondly the trail runners doing the Flinders Tour today.

Both are great events and are well run, though the Flinders Tour is a bit smaller then the Gold Coast event.

The Kokoda Challenge saw a team of 4 people (which I was crewing for) traverse over 96km in the Gold Coast Hinterland. it was wet, muddy and very, very slippery. While one team member did have to pull out due to injury, she still managed to complete a very impressive 64km. Unfortunately I missed the beginning which I was told, was pretty amazing. A large oval was filled to overflowing with competitors. The first checkpoint was almost as busy as it contained both competitors and their crew and their vehicles (along with the obligatory mud and drizzly rain). I came in when it was time to go and stake out the meeting point and await our time to visit the 2nd major checkpoint, Polly’s Kitchen.

The team still looked good, the mud wasn’t too bad (until it was time to leave) and the crew did the quickest unpack and setup on the whole trip (we ended up having a long wait though). This stop was pretty uneventful with everyone still laughing and looking well. No injuries at this stage either. After a quick feed, changing into night clothes, along with reflective gear and headlights (which did work) we sent them on, enjoyed a snack ourselves and packed up before heading off on a long trek to the next stop.

Numinbah Hall was a big one, as we got there early enough so that we could enjoy a break, some dinner and a quick snooze for those who had been up since 3.30am. This stop we waited until about 1am which was when the team came in. We were getting a little worried as the timeline they set themselves was starting to slip away. At this checkpoint we diverted them away from the roaring fires, wrapped them up in blankets and warm jackets, fed them piping hot food, that was sold on site, and filled them with coffee or hot tea. It was at this checkpoint we saw the weariness start to kick in. Mini power naps happened as I pulled off their mud encrusted shoes and socks. Kicking them out of camp at about 1.45am-2am we packed up again and headed to our next rest stop (rest was had).

Once the sun had risen it was off to the next stop to provide a quick refresher for the team (didn’t bother unpacking everything at this stage) before heading to the final major checkpoint, which included a snooze and a decent wait. The end was in site, the birds were chirping and the toilets were disgusting and out of toilet paper.

Once we got the team through this checkpoint, we parted ways and while the rest of the crew headed back to the finish line I headed on home. I had family to get back to and I didn’t get home until early evening, 5hrs past the expected finish time.

Despite my late start and early finish, I had a great time and would crew again, knowing more then I did at the beginning. It was interesting to watch the teams as they succeeded, fell apart and quit. So many overcome the obstacles put in front of them and won. This wasn’t a race about coming first (though the winning team came in, in just over 10hrs) but about pushing past barriers and about being a team. It was hard, and people got hurt and had to pull out, but they still won. They had the courage to start this at the beginning.

Well done to all who participated.

(P.S. The picture above was the only picture I could get before my phone battery decided to almost die on me, and, of course, I left my charger at home!)

Flinders Tour – Well, it was an excellent run and I had fun being able to help out at the checkpoints. Reading numbers, writing times and filling water bottles.

Can’t wait till the next event!

Corporate Challenge Fun Run

Today i didn't run. Today i supported my 12yr old in her run and became a photographer's gopher
Today i watched the people who ran the race and saw that it just wasn't the slender, fit and muscly who ran but the overweight, cellulite showing and bouncing bosoms who ran. It was ordinary, everyday people. I didn't feel so alone in my running, just slow.
There were women bigger then me, running quicker then me and i saw the elation on their faces as they crossed the line. I saw the struggle in their beet red faces, exhausted, but continuing on. They did something others just don't do. They got out there, gave it a go and just didn't quit. They obviously get out there, despite the criticism and general public opinion. They succeed, they don't give up. They are inspiration for ordinary folk, the ones who are scared and body conscious. They are the type who give me a reason to keep going (apart from the two ladies who drag me out of bed before the sun rises to go training)
And this fun run today? I didn't do it but my 12 yr old did. She struggled as she was getting over her flu/cold and didn't do well. But today this post isn't about the runners but the inspiration you can get from watching, taking notice and seeing that you aren't alone. You never know, someone just like you, might be watching you, getting inspiration from you. So keep it up, you just never know.

Dirt Fest

The dirt fest weekend long event was a good one, looked forward to by young and old alike.

This year hubby did the short triathlon course (350m swim, 10km mountain bike ride, 4km run), I did the 2km fun/trail run as did my second oldest daughter, while the younger two did the mud rats run. My eldest babysat our spot (read most of the day) and did enjoy the atmosphere despite what she would tell you.

There was mud this year, and lots of it. You could not avoid it, but this was just part of the fun and every athlete who came in, from the mud rats to the veterans, were splattered with it. No one cared though as it made the course more challenging and interesting.

Throughout the event there were people who were worth taking notice of, and they weren’t just the winners. There were those who were doing their first triathlon, those who came from interstate, from the dusty dry outback, those who laughed, those who got lost on the course and those who finished despite the personal challenges they faced. It was inspirational, the atmosphere was great and no one was made to feel like a looser.

Some of those worth mentioning are

- The guy who was on the short triathlon course and he broke something on his bike during the first circuit of the mountain bike leg so he could not peddle it. He finished the first round using his bike as a scooter and when he was informed that if he couldn’t fix his bike himself, with his own gear (triathlon rules) he could either pull out or just keep on going. He kept on going, doing the next 5km circuit on his bike as best he could. Then he went on to finish with the 4km run and eventually ending up on the podium receiving a place.

- There was the girl (about 10yrs) who took the wrong turn on the bike leg of her mini triathlon and ended up completing the 5km adult track instead of the easy 3km kids track. She came in dead last, almost in tears but because she continued, and did not just quit she proved to be a winner that day. Everyone applauded her effort and she was even given a competitors medal and shirt instead of the usual lolly reward for this free event. Hopefully she will continue in her chosen sport.

- The little kids who respected the unspoken rules and played well together, staying out of the way of competitors


My part of the weekend was was spent mostly waiting for things to happen.

The actual race itself was a good one and supposed to be only 2km (ended up being close to 3km). There were seven of us at the beginning and when it came time for the medals there were 8! Not sure how that happened.

The track itself was muddy, had lots of exposed tree roots to jump over, and a stinky muddy puddle to wade through while trying not to loose my shoes. Sometimes it felt like you were running up and down stairs, like you were in the middle of nowhere (no people sounds to be heard), and completely lost. I was uncertain on this track and took off too quickly (in order to put on a good show before disappearing into the bush), and wore myself out a little too early on in the race. At one stage during the run I thought I had gotten myself lost because I should be almost finished but then just a couple of hundred meters down the track there was a marshal pointing me in the right direction and i was back on track again. I came in to the cheers of my family, who were waving their ‘go mum’ sign, and despite my slow run was awarded with second place in my age category.

From this weekend I bring back a renewed vigour for wanting to increase my performance so I am not so slow behind everyone else. So I can compete instead of just finish. I don’t plan on being the person who brings home the medal, even though it is nice, but just be able to do, feel strong, and happy with the run. I was not happy with this run and something in me wants to go back and do it again, but I must now wait a year before I can. How much more can I achieve in the next year? A lot more I hope. At least pick up a little speed and endurance anyhow.

Kokoda Challenge Track

Today we tackled part of the Kokoda Challenge track, at the Gold Coast, in the hinterland.

Man, was it a challenge! People run this!

I only did a small section of the track and I am stuffed! And I only walked it!

I won’t say it was enjoyable, and I think that is the idea of it, but it was rewarding.

After climbing the valley/hill sides and reaching the ridge line, the view was beautiful and you could turn every which way and not see another living soul. It as breathtaking (in a good way).

Then we went down hill. Down steep, slippery and muddy hills. A few of us slid, falling down into the mud. That was funny.

At the bottom of one such decline we were rewarded with a crystal clear, and ice cold, creek among a rainforest setting. It was a bubbling brook of sorts, eventually leading to a waterfall.

After this it was all uphill, again.

A lot of the time you would look ahead and not be able to see the path as the grass was long and it hide the path, and you wouldn’t be able to see the path until you were upon it. At one stage we even wandered off the path for about 30m until we realised it was the wrong way so we had to backtrack

I handled it ok. I finished still able to stand but those uphills were killers and I could feel my blood pumping as I struggled up those hills.

The best part of the day was the company. Without them and their comradeship it would have been harder and I just wouldn’t have been able to finish.

Thanks for a rewarding day out Smile

Runaway Bay's Sport Super Centre Fun Run Series

2011-02-20 SSC Fun Run GC 026 333What a mouthful that is, and what a good morning it was.

This run was the graduation for the “Secret Seven” kids group. A group of kids I have been running with most mornings and going through the couch to 5k with. This group of kids ranged in ages from 9, through to 13 with varying running abilities and speeds. Each one sped through the high heat and humidity to finish strong with none stopping for a walk break. Congratulations “Secret Seven” you did a wonderful job.

The day itself was an early start as we left home way before the sun decided to rise,  and arrived at the track/run by 6am in order to register. The sky was clear and it promised to be a hot day with no promise of cooling rains in the near future. The runners swelled to over 700 participants, most of which did the 5km run, and the remaining being the under 12’s which did the junior dart runs. It was a well organised event with lots of prizes and random draw prizes.

For more details, and results from the day, head over to the Corporate Challenge site.

Pollys Kitchen

This morning we did a training walk for the upcoming Kokoda Challenge. I am only on the support crew and don’t actually tackle the challenge itself, but we, the support crew, are still training with the walking team. I guess this way we know some of what they are doing and can better prepare them for the next leg of the challenge.

Polly’s kitchen is a steep walk which will leave you drenched in sweat before you are even half way through it. It was hard to imagine that people actually run this, and the harder sections. We received first hand evidence that it can be done as the track itself was very busy with many people training for the Kokoda Challenge. Most were doing it at a brisk pace with a few even running up and down the slope.

Here is the read out from my watch, though I did miss recording the first 500m of it.

The view from the top and at various points on the trail was beautiful and we were all amazed at how quickly we seemed to reach the top.

Overall it was a good hike and I can see many more in my future.