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Judith's blog

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Hares and Hounds

2011-01-09 2011 Hare and Hounds 854It rained and rained, and it rained a bit more. The following day Woodford was flooded in and their were landslides due to all of the rain.

Now onto the race.

I only participated in the 5km run, along with two of my sisters, mother and daughter. For me I achieved my goal of the day which was to have my family enjoy what I enjoy. I would love to have them come along to another event.

The event itself was quite fun and challenging, definitely not something you would hope to get your best time at. On the 5km alone, there were two deep (knee deep) creek crossings to pass through and lots of smaller puddles to splash through. At one stage, towards the end it started pelting down and I imagine there weren’t too many dry bodies around.

The most memorable thing about the event, after family and friends, was the rain, how the creeks rose and how people couldn’t finish the race due to flooding creeks.

I look forward to next year but I hope it doesn’t rain quite so much.

Photo supplied by Tim Miller – Dreamsport Photography

Running In The Rain

If you live in QLD at the moment, no doubt you have been, or are being inundated with rain, and lots of it. Most likely you would have thought about going out in that rain to run, splash in the puddles and have a bit of fun in the cooler, and wetter, summer. I know I have.

At the moment though, QLD is currently going through the worst floods in over 30years and while running in the rain might be fun, it could also prove to be dangerous. With flood waters inundating lots of towns and cities, especially those based along creeks or rivers, it not a necessarily safe place to run. There has been flash flooding which could catch any runner unawares.

If you must run in the rain, please stay away from creeks, streams or rivers as their levels could rise quickly and before you know it you could be swept away. Another thing is to wear bright coloured clothing, as this way you have a higher chance of being seen should you get caught in the flood waters and people will be able to spot you easier.

Take care of where you run, run in groups/pairs if you can and always let someone know where you are going.

Keep safe and dry!

What Do You Think About

What do you think about when you run? What do you focus on?

Today I had the opportunity to ask these questions of an ultra-runner, who just happens to be my kids running coach and running buddy’s husband.

What he focuses on during a long run is a variety of different things but it is more where he is going, what is coming up next and keeping his rhythm. (of course the rhythm changes for hills). It’s watching the course, knowing what is coming up, getting a focal point and, most of all, not loosing focus on where he is heading.

Knowing  the course beforehand always helps because you can set up a map in your head, knowing how far, where you are going, what is coming up and always keep an eye out for changes in the track/trail. It gives you a point at which to aim, especially if you know that just around the corner is the next aid station, or the finishing line.

It can give you hope.

Loosing focus on what you are doing, where you are going and how you are getting there can slow you down, leave you distracted and give an open invitation to tripping and hurting yourself (or worse, taking the wrong path).

I remember the very first trail run I did (30km) and how I watched the watch, keeping track of the km’s we did. When we reached the halfway mark I started counting down. It also helped that we were trailed by another group of women, who were training for a longer race, and we wanted to keep in front of them.

When I run now, I like to run to my watch, the timer on it. It gives me something to focus on, and if that doesn’t work, just counting to myself, timing my breathing with the counting, helps as well. With that said, I must admit to still having the creeping doubts enter my head. the ones which say “I can’t do this”, or "I just want to walk”.

I know it is all in my head, I know I can go further and faster, it is just a matter of convincing myself that I can do it.

So, what do you do, or think about, when you go for a run? How does your mind work?

100 Days Challenge

100daysIt’s that time of the year again, when we make and break new years resolutions.

Wouldn’t it be good if the resolutions we made we could keep?

Wouldn’t it be easy to keep those resolutions if you were made accountable to someone, contributing in a world wide challenge, and then posting up your movements for the day up so others could congratulate you?

This is what John Bingham has done. He has created a 100 day challenge to get you moving and keep you moving, with a facebook page on which you can post your movements.

I have signed up and think it is a great concept as it is so simple to accomplish. You only have to move for 30 minutes per day and can work it in with your everyday routine.

So, taking this one step further, I would like to invite MOTheR readers to comment on this post, or any 100 days post or our facebook page, with their movements for the day. I will be aiming to post up my movements for the day, whether it be a walk, cycle, some training, or simple just going for a swim.

So, without further delay, here is my movements for the day: 30 minutes of cycling this morning, broken into two 15 minute lots

Prize Winner

imageThanks for being patient with me on this one but we seem to be having a few issues with comments at the moment, and I am unable to contact, those who commented, via email.

Websites, however, show up!

Without further ado, I want to announce the winner of our first competition.

The winner is ‘Audrey

Can you please contact me via the contact  form with your email address.

Our First Giveaway

2010-01-10 2010 Woodford Hares and Hounds 130As a little Christmas gift to our readers I want to announce our first giveaway running over the rest of November and through December (up till the 23rd December)

As a great way to bring in the New Year and keep your New Year resolutions in check we are giving away entry into the increasingly popular Hares & Hounds Trail Run for either the 10km or 5km trail run.2010-01-10 2010 Woodford Hares and Hounds 437

This trail run is into it’s fourth year and one that I have done, and really recommend for those who are a little unsure about what all the hype about trail running is about. It isn’t too strenuous but it will test you, and if it rains, it just makes it more fun!

Now down to the nitty gritty of the competition.

It will be a random draw from those who comment on this post. I don’t care if you are male or female but would like to hear about your running mum experience (it could be helping your partner get out running) and why you want to win this prize.

The prize will be subject to the terms and conditions of the entry and once the prize winner is selected, they will then need to provide a few details. Unfortunately you will need to provide your own transport to and from the event. The event is held just north of Brisbane in the picturesque Glasshouse Mountains area, the starting point being Woodford pool

The comments for this competition will close on the 23rd December at 3pm (QLD time)

Pictures supplied by Dreamsport Photography and are of last year’s trail run.

Coconut Water

imageLately I discovered coconut water and thought that I should do a bit of research into it, especially since they (various different companies) were claiming it to be an alternative to sports drinks. The more I looked around the internet, talked to people and became aware, the more I found the claim to be true. I can’t say what they say is true, but it is good enough for me.

Why I like coconut water, and have a drinking coconut in the fridge, is that the taste is mild, refreshing and it doesn’t contain any added sugars or chemicals (includes colouring and flavourings). It makes me feel better about having a ‘sports’ drink after heavy exercise since I know this is all natural goodness.

Because drinking coconuts are not always that readily accessible I have found a drink, which uses the water of young coconuts, that is a good enough substitute. Cocobella offer a tetra-pak alternative which offers convenience and an alternative to the fresh stuff (well, as fresh as you can get being bought in the fruit & veg section of the grocery shop). It also tastes good and has none of the additives in it of normal sports drinks. Coconut water contains – 5 key electrolytes (potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium), vitamin C and is naturally fat, cholesterol and gluten free. The best bit being that there is no added sugar so you don’t get the sugar high you would from other drinks.

You can read more here

Is Coconut Water Nature’s Sports Drink?

Coconut Water: Nature Provides Its Own Sports Drink

Coming Back From A Break

How hard is it to come back from a break in your normal running routine.

I have just come back from a break, and it is hard! I had taken time off due to the move and being sick, then settling into the new place was difficult as we are living out of boxes and I was trying to find solace in my computer.

Not only was I taking a break from running but from my creative side which thrives when I am healthy, happy and comfortable. I was none of these, but did not realise this until I was taken away for a weekend run, interstate. It was the best fun, an eye opener and a time to find myself without family around (sorry family). I discovered how much condition I had actually lost and how it felt to be happy, relaxed and comfortable again. It was only a 10km race but I couldn’t help but having to walk more then I wanted to. Running was once again uncomfortable and felt like a new skill again, but I was not back where I had started, fortunately. But I was not where I had left off. My health was not up to the stage it had been before the break and I was beginning to feel it. Old complaints were rearing their ugly head, I was tired more often and I didn’t have the energy to create (the biggest signifier that I was sliding backwards). I was realising what life was like without regular, routine exercise and I didn’t like it.

What did I do about it? I was fortunate enough to have some friends drag me out at various times of the week, so I was out running/walking 4 times last week. 4 days in a row, and this wasn’t counting the weekend away where we did 10km in the race, wandered around town for a few hours and did a 6km return trip to town and back from our camping ground. And this weekend I am feeling a lot better, even though I am still not up to my previous level, but I know that  i can get there.

I need to get there. I don’t like my life before I started exercise. I thought I was fit and healthy, but I wasn’t.

I am happy to admit that running is my drug of choice and I plan on investing in this drug over the next year so I can improve my times for this coming year’s glasshouse series (24km/30km trail runs)

I want to be healthy, fit, and creative, and get a few more mugs for my cupboard.

Thanks Audrey & Le-Anne for not giving up on me!

Bribie Beach Bash 2010

What a load of fun this was. It isn’t over the top, lots of bright colours and flashy prizes type event, but a close and personal type of event (and it’s growing!). It is held yearly, on the surf side (eastern side) of Bribie Island.

Bribie Beach Bash this year saw a lot more competitors then the previous years with most runners able to enjoy the dolphins playing in the surf as the runners dashed across the sand.

This year I chose to do 10km, instead of the 6km I did last year, and it was about the 6km mark this year that I was feeling it and wondering why i had chosen the longer event. The run was nice, the weather conditions perfect (slight drizzle at the beginning but it fined up to light cloud cover later on). The sand was also firm underfoot and the beach slope wasn’t as angled as last year. There was one creek crossing about 500m from the turn around point and it was cold, and flowing fast. It definitely added a twist and a break to the run. At about the 7km mark I finally got into the run, found myself and started singing the same 4 lines to a song, over and over in my head. In the end, I came in 2min under my chosen finishing time, so I was happy with that, but also understanding that there was so much more I could have put into this if I had been training regularly. I definitely would have felt better at the end instead of drained. I guess this is what I get for ignoring my training and being sick, moving house and generally letting life get in the way (which included sleeping lots).

If you ever get a chance, try out this run, it is worth the drive. They also support a worthy charity, the endeavour foundation.

Technical Shirts

I am happy to announce that ‘Mums On The Run’ (or MOTheR) shirts will soon be available.

At this stage, they will just be white with a bit of black writing on them, and we won’t be keeping stock,unfortunately.

More details, to come soon once things are a bit better sorted.