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Race Results

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Caloundra Foreshore Fun Run 2012

2012-06-22 Running Gear 012This year I took part of the Caloundra Foreshore Fun Run, with a bunch of great people.

For this race there were 3 different fields in which you could participate. There was the 10km run (which I did), the 3km run, and 3km family walk. Each distance was along the beautiful Sunshine Coast in the not too early morning sun.

The day was perfect, the breeze was refreshing and the atmosphere was alive and encouraging. We ran past picturesque cafes, ocean views, ANZAC memorabilia and through lush park land. There was plenty of toilets, the occasional water fountain and water stations at the 3km, 6km and 8.5km marks. The volunteers who manned the course were all friendly and had an encouraging word for those who ran by. They smiled and guided us well, though the signage (course markers) for the event were adequate and easy to read.

The only thing I could see as a bad mark for this run was the water at the water stops. It tasted heavily chlorinated and was almost too unpleasant to drink. I was glad to see the water fountains along the way as I was then able to fill up with more pleasant water. I would have liked to see some form of salt, or electrolyte towards the end of the course, even if it was just at the first aid tent. Something so simple as salt would have been a good addition especially for those who lost a lot through their sweat. ( I talked to few who expressed the same concern). Though there was a good selection of fruit available, all fresh and tasty, at the end, with a few food stalls set up also. I took in my missing salt via a bacon & egg burger.

After the run the atmosphere was still alive and encouraging as there was various different stalls advertising, and selling runner appropriate gear (Saucony’s for $50 a pair!), delicious food and a bus ride back to the beginning so we could collect our car.

For me the run brought back memories of when I had visited certain spots along the coast line, with family. Where we had built giant sandcastles, swam in the beach side pool, watched the kids play under the water fountains and explored the rock pools. 

It was those memories, and the beautiful scenery which kept me going, or in some cases, slowing down.

I think I shall do it again next year, with the hope of bettering my time (1:26:26) and see what they have done to make it even better.

Caloundra Foreshore Fun Run

Photo by Dreamcoat Photography


Cooks Tour

Cooks Tour run and organised by TRAQ

Today I didn’t run. Instead I observed, hassled and took an interest in people who looked a bit injured or unwell. I did my part at checkpoint 8 and then back at the pool (base) as a sports trainer (newby).

I saw those who had fallen and scraped up a knee, but the real injury being on the opposite foot.

I saw those who weren’t drinking enough and therefor the scales weighed too little. I told those people to either drink more electrolytes, or water, and for those who were spot on we joked and said well done.

I saw a lady with a sore ITB who had run 10km on it and was in tears at the finish line. I gave her some advice, an ice pack and told her husband to look after her. (and seek professional advice)

I rubbed calves, learnt the best way to lance blisters and settle upset stomachs.

I watched, I observed and I learnt how to hold my bladder for 5+ hours.

But this wasn’t all about me.

There were lots of people on this course and we had over 200 people go through checkpoint 8. There was also those volunteers manning the different checkpoints and many of those people had been up since the early hours of the morning. They set up, they cooked, they prepared and they minded. They shivered, they laughed and showed great sportsmanship. Without these people the run would not be possible.

The runners themselves (quite a few of them mums) were cheery and pleasant and generally uninjured. Some were slow, some were fast and those who ran with friends chatted and laughed lots. Some even chatted so much they missed their turn off point by 1km!

Overall it was a great day, well planned and thought out. It left me with the feeling of wanting to go back and do it all again. Most people had smiles on their faces and seemed to enjoy themselves.

Bring on Flinders Tour!

Wild Horse Criterium

This year I didn’t get the chance to compete in this event (hopefully next year) but the owner of Pooch to 5k did and one of the competitors was nice enough to provide her with a race report.



“This was written by Melissa Kelly, after her first trail race with her dog.

When you think of Easter Sunday, you think of chocolate for breakfast and late sleep ins. This year, this was not to be for a large group of runners who had joined me in participating in the Wild Horse Criterium of 2012.”

Read more of this report here


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Hares and Hounds

It was a good day to be out and running through the Australian bush, along dirt trails. The day started with light cloud cover, giving false promises of a cool and even temperatured day. It wasn’t long upon arriving that the clouds decided to dissipate, and with that the humidity rose. It was still pleasant however, it just meant you sweated a little more.

Today I ran with my 4 girls, which was an interesting experience in itself. One was super eager to run and took off as soon as the gun went off. Fortunately the track was really well marked and there was no need for her to heed my instructions should she get lost. She did fine and apparently arrived in before the first 10k runner (we were doing the 5k). The others stayed with me on strict instructions not to get out of my sight. My eldest, who has had a break from running, struggled under the humidity, heat and hills. Possibly also the fact she didn’t eat breakfast beforehand either. She made it around and for that I am proud of her. My youngest two did well and quite often I would send them ahead to the ‘next white ribbon’ at which they would get a little break and sometimes a sip of water. The ribbons were about 50m apart.

All of my girls did well on this run, especially considering the level of training they have had recently, which hasn’t been a lot. I think it has also given them a taste for these types of races. We came dead last in the 5k but we completed it and the girls got extra claps from the spectators for completing it all.

Ask them what the best bit was, and they will surely say it was the bbq brunch and pool afterwards. Ask me, and I will say it was the atmosphere, especially since everyone was a winner and everyone was accounted for.

I must give a shout out to the organisers of this event – TRAQ – Not only are they friendly and helpful, their volunteers are the same, and when my 10yr old won a bottle of wine in the random draw prizes, they were only too happy to exchange it for a block of chocolate. So thanks heaps for a wonderful event Smile


Pictures to come once the photographer gets home from shooting it.

Dirt Fest

The dirt fest weekend long event was a good one, looked forward to by young and old alike.

This year hubby did the short triathlon course (350m swim, 10km mountain bike ride, 4km run), I did the 2km fun/trail run as did my second oldest daughter, while the younger two did the mud rats run. My eldest babysat our spot (read most of the day) and did enjoy the atmosphere despite what she would tell you.

There was mud this year, and lots of it. You could not avoid it, but this was just part of the fun and every athlete who came in, from the mud rats to the veterans, were splattered with it. No one cared though as it made the course more challenging and interesting.

Throughout the event there were people who were worth taking notice of, and they weren’t just the winners. There were those who were doing their first triathlon, those who came from interstate, from the dusty dry outback, those who laughed, those who got lost on the course and those who finished despite the personal challenges they faced. It was inspirational, the atmosphere was great and no one was made to feel like a looser.

Some of those worth mentioning are

- The guy who was on the short triathlon course and he broke something on his bike during the first circuit of the mountain bike leg so he could not peddle it. He finished the first round using his bike as a scooter and when he was informed that if he couldn’t fix his bike himself, with his own gear (triathlon rules) he could either pull out or just keep on going. He kept on going, doing the next 5km circuit on his bike as best he could. Then he went on to finish with the 4km run and eventually ending up on the podium receiving a place.

- There was the girl (about 10yrs) who took the wrong turn on the bike leg of her mini triathlon and ended up completing the 5km adult track instead of the easy 3km kids track. She came in dead last, almost in tears but because she continued, and did not just quit she proved to be a winner that day. Everyone applauded her effort and she was even given a competitors medal and shirt instead of the usual lolly reward for this free event. Hopefully she will continue in her chosen sport.

- The little kids who respected the unspoken rules and played well together, staying out of the way of competitors


My part of the weekend was was spent mostly waiting for things to happen.

The actual race itself was a good one and supposed to be only 2km (ended up being close to 3km). There were seven of us at the beginning and when it came time for the medals there were 8! Not sure how that happened.

The track itself was muddy, had lots of exposed tree roots to jump over, and a stinky muddy puddle to wade through while trying not to loose my shoes. Sometimes it felt like you were running up and down stairs, like you were in the middle of nowhere (no people sounds to be heard), and completely lost. I was uncertain on this track and took off too quickly (in order to put on a good show before disappearing into the bush), and wore myself out a little too early on in the race. At one stage during the run I thought I had gotten myself lost because I should be almost finished but then just a couple of hundred meters down the track there was a marshal pointing me in the right direction and i was back on track again. I came in to the cheers of my family, who were waving their ‘go mum’ sign, and despite my slow run was awarded with second place in my age category.

From this weekend I bring back a renewed vigour for wanting to increase my performance so I am not so slow behind everyone else. So I can compete instead of just finish. I don’t plan on being the person who brings home the medal, even though it is nice, but just be able to do, feel strong, and happy with the run. I was not happy with this run and something in me wants to go back and do it again, but I must now wait a year before I can. How much more can I achieve in the next year? A lot more I hope. At least pick up a little speed and endurance anyhow.

Runaway Bay's Sport Super Centre Fun Run Series

2011-02-20 SSC Fun Run GC 026 333What a mouthful that is, and what a good morning it was.

This run was the graduation for the “Secret Seven” kids group. A group of kids I have been running with most mornings and going through the couch to 5k with. This group of kids ranged in ages from 9, through to 13 with varying running abilities and speeds. Each one sped through the high heat and humidity to finish strong with none stopping for a walk break. Congratulations “Secret Seven” you did a wonderful job.

The day itself was an early start as we left home way before the sun decided to rise,  and arrived at the track/run by 6am in order to register. The sky was clear and it promised to be a hot day with no promise of cooling rains in the near future. The runners swelled to over 700 participants, most of which did the 5km run, and the remaining being the under 12’s which did the junior dart runs. It was a well organised event with lots of prizes and random draw prizes.

For more details, and results from the day, head over to the Corporate Challenge site.

Hares and Hounds

2011-01-09 2011 Hare and Hounds 854It rained and rained, and it rained a bit more. The following day Woodford was flooded in and their were landslides due to all of the rain.

Now onto the race.

I only participated in the 5km run, along with two of my sisters, mother and daughter. For me I achieved my goal of the day which was to have my family enjoy what I enjoy. I would love to have them come along to another event.

The event itself was quite fun and challenging, definitely not something you would hope to get your best time at. On the 5km alone, there were two deep (knee deep) creek crossings to pass through and lots of smaller puddles to splash through. At one stage, towards the end it started pelting down and I imagine there weren’t too many dry bodies around.

The most memorable thing about the event, after family and friends, was the rain, how the creeks rose and how people couldn’t finish the race due to flooding creeks.

I look forward to next year but I hope it doesn’t rain quite so much.

Photo supplied by Tim Miller – Dreamsport Photography

Bribie Beach Bash 2010

What a load of fun this was. It isn’t over the top, lots of bright colours and flashy prizes type event, but a close and personal type of event (and it’s growing!). It is held yearly, on the surf side (eastern side) of Bribie Island.

Bribie Beach Bash this year saw a lot more competitors then the previous years with most runners able to enjoy the dolphins playing in the surf as the runners dashed across the sand.

This year I chose to do 10km, instead of the 6km I did last year, and it was about the 6km mark this year that I was feeling it and wondering why i had chosen the longer event. The run was nice, the weather conditions perfect (slight drizzle at the beginning but it fined up to light cloud cover later on). The sand was also firm underfoot and the beach slope wasn’t as angled as last year. There was one creek crossing about 500m from the turn around point and it was cold, and flowing fast. It definitely added a twist and a break to the run. At about the 7km mark I finally got into the run, found myself and started singing the same 4 lines to a song, over and over in my head. In the end, I came in 2min under my chosen finishing time, so I was happy with that, but also understanding that there was so much more I could have put into this if I had been training regularly. I definitely would have felt better at the end instead of drained. I guess this is what I get for ignoring my training and being sick, moving house and generally letting life get in the way (which included sleeping lots).

If you ever get a chance, try out this run, it is worth the drive. They also support a worthy charity, the endeavour foundation.

Matthew Flinders Run

This was another of the great runs put on by TRAQ (trail running association of QLD). The run we did this time was the 24km loop which was 6km then the 30km we did in May. The time we set for ourselves on this run was 4hrs, and we made close to the mark finishing in 4hrs 17min. I am happy with that time.

For the run itself, we chose the earlier start of 8am, so that we could make it back in time for lunch and wouldn’t spend all day out there. I am so glad we did.

The track itself held a wide variety of differing terrains. Some of those were rock covered in moss, sand, and normal dirt tracks. There were a few puddles around that we needed to go around, as well as a few fallen trees that needed climbing over/going around. There were long grasses almost obscuring the track from site and a steep hill section which I fondly call ‘the steps’, there were branches that whipped you as you ran past and deep crevasses in the ground. There was a lot to keep your mind occupied with.

We ran past mountains, macadamia farms, bee hives and were run past by other competitors. Almost everyone who went past would say hello, ask how we were going and were general pleasant to be around. Some even stopped for a chat.

Overall it was a great run, and I am happy with my time, and now it is time to put up my feet and rest them. Maybe after I find something to eat.