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19 June 2019 - 9:30pm


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Coconut Water

imageLately I discovered coconut water and thought that I should do a bit of research into it, especially since they (various different companies) were claiming it to be an alternative to sports drinks. The more I looked around the internet, talked to people and became aware, the more I found the claim to be true. I can’t say what they say is true, but it is good enough for me.

Why I like coconut water, and have a drinking coconut in the fridge, is that the taste is mild, refreshing and it doesn’t contain any added sugars or chemicals (includes colouring and flavourings). It makes me feel better about having a ‘sports’ drink after heavy exercise since I know this is all natural goodness.

Because drinking coconuts are not always that readily accessible I have found a drink, which uses the water of young coconuts, that is a good enough substitute. Cocobella offer a tetra-pak alternative which offers convenience and an alternative to the fresh stuff (well, as fresh as you can get being bought in the fruit & veg section of the grocery shop). It also tastes good and has none of the additives in it of normal sports drinks. Coconut water contains – 5 key electrolytes (potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium), vitamin C and is naturally fat, cholesterol and gluten free. The best bit being that there is no added sugar so you don’t get the sugar high you would from other drinks.

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