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  • Wind: South-Southeast, 11.1 km/h
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  • Visibility: 10 km
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  • Sunset: 5:01pm +1000
Reported on:
19 June 2019 - 8:00pm


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Coming Back From A Break

How hard is it to come back from a break in your normal running routine.

I have just come back from a break, and it is hard! I had taken time off due to the move and being sick, then settling into the new place was difficult as we are living out of boxes and I was trying to find solace in my computer.

Not only was I taking a break from running but from my creative side which thrives when I am healthy, happy and comfortable. I was none of these, but did not realise this until I was taken away for a weekend run, interstate. It was the best fun, an eye opener and a time to find myself without family around (sorry family). I discovered how much condition I had actually lost and how it felt to be happy, relaxed and comfortable again. It was only a 10km race but I couldn’t help but having to walk more then I wanted to. Running was once again uncomfortable and felt like a new skill again, but I was not back where I had started, fortunately. But I was not where I had left off. My health was not up to the stage it had been before the break and I was beginning to feel it. Old complaints were rearing their ugly head, I was tired more often and I didn’t have the energy to create (the biggest signifier that I was sliding backwards). I was realising what life was like without regular, routine exercise and I didn’t like it.

What did I do about it? I was fortunate enough to have some friends drag me out at various times of the week, so I was out running/walking 4 times last week. 4 days in a row, and this wasn’t counting the weekend away where we did 10km in the race, wandered around town for a few hours and did a 6km return trip to town and back from our camping ground. And this weekend I am feeling a lot better, even though I am still not up to my previous level, but I know that  i can get there.

I need to get there. I don’t like my life before I started exercise. I thought I was fit and healthy, but I wasn’t.

I am happy to admit that running is my drug of choice and I plan on investing in this drug over the next year so I can improve my times for this coming year’s glasshouse series (24km/30km trail runs)

I want to be healthy, fit, and creative, and get a few more mugs for my cupboard.

Thanks Audrey & Le-Anne for not giving up on me!