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  • Wind: South-Southeast, 13 km/h
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  • Visibility: 10 km
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  • Sunset: 5:01pm +1000
Reported on:
19 June 2019 - 9:00pm


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Corporate Challenge Fun Run

Today i didn't run. Today i supported my 12yr old in her run and became a photographer's gopher
Today i watched the people who ran the race and saw that it just wasn't the slender, fit and muscly who ran but the overweight, cellulite showing and bouncing bosoms who ran. It was ordinary, everyday people. I didn't feel so alone in my running, just slow.
There were women bigger then me, running quicker then me and i saw the elation on their faces as they crossed the line. I saw the struggle in their beet red faces, exhausted, but continuing on. They did something others just don't do. They got out there, gave it a go and just didn't quit. They obviously get out there, despite the criticism and general public opinion. They succeed, they don't give up. They are inspiration for ordinary folk, the ones who are scared and body conscious. They are the type who give me a reason to keep going (apart from the two ladies who drag me out of bed before the sun rises to go training)
And this fun run today? I didn't do it but my 12 yr old did. She struggled as she was getting over her flu/cold and didn't do well. But today this post isn't about the runners but the inspiration you can get from watching, taking notice and seeing that you aren't alone. You never know, someone just like you, might be watching you, getting inspiration from you. So keep it up, you just never know.