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Reported on:
19 June 2019 - 9:00pm


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Kokoda Challenge Track

Today we tackled part of the Kokoda Challenge track, at the Gold Coast, in the hinterland.

Man, was it a challenge! People run this!

I only did a small section of the track and I am stuffed! And I only walked it!

I won’t say it was enjoyable, and I think that is the idea of it, but it was rewarding.

After climbing the valley/hill sides and reaching the ridge line, the view was beautiful and you could turn every which way and not see another living soul. It as breathtaking (in a good way).

Then we went down hill. Down steep, slippery and muddy hills. A few of us slid, falling down into the mud. That was funny.

At the bottom of one such decline we were rewarded with a crystal clear, and ice cold, creek among a rainforest setting. It was a bubbling brook of sorts, eventually leading to a waterfall.

After this it was all uphill, again.

A lot of the time you would look ahead and not be able to see the path as the grass was long and it hide the path, and you wouldn’t be able to see the path until you were upon it. At one stage we even wandered off the path for about 30m until we realised it was the wrong way so we had to backtrack

I handled it ok. I finished still able to stand but those uphills were killers and I could feel my blood pumping as I struggled up those hills.

The best part of the day was the company. Without them and their comradeship it would have been harder and I just wouldn’t have been able to finish.

Thanks for a rewarding day out Smile