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2 April 2020 - 7:00am


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Narangba Valley Runners and Walkers

Narangba Valley Runners and WalkersA review

Not long ago a need was seen and identified. It was discussed and then acted upon. Narangba Valley has paths that follow a tree lined creek, where you can hear the birds singing and delight in dappled sunlight and bright native flowers.
A track was marked out along these paths, making sure to take in the beauty that was present in this area. It was a 5km loop with the potential to be extended to include longer distances.
The run itself attracts a variety of runners and walkers. Those who are slow, fast and in between. We run to the rising sun, the chill of the early morning quickly disappearing as our bodies warmed up with exercise. Then, at the end of the run, we keep our bodies warm with hot chocolates or coffee from the local coffee shop, who opened early to cater for our small social running group.
As a participant of the runs, both walking and jogging, I enjoyed it as everyone was still there at the end and there was no first or last place,  no losers or winners. It was exercise with a group along some lovely paths, and quiet roads. A bit of adult time, personal challenges and successes.
It was something for everyone.

So, come join us for an early Sunday morning run at 6.30am, meeting at the Narangba valley Woolworths. You don't need to live in the area to join in, you just need to turn up on time.

You can find the group also on Facebook at