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No Pain No Gain

How many times have we heard this, or “Push through the pain” or “Pain is for losers”

How wrong are those slogans or sayings.

Thinking back to my experience of pain I would say that ‘pushing through the pain’ not only failed but it caused my running injury to be more serious then it should have been. My knee hurt but I could still run on it and I did. I kept going through that pain barrier until  my stride was comfortable with minimal discomfort in my knee. It wasn’t too long before I couldn’t walk properly and had to realise I couldn’t run until I was healed and healed properly.

I learnt a few things through this and they are:

  • pain is the body’s way of telling you there is something wrong
  • if you don’t listen to it you could make it worse
  • there are different types of pain (the muscles warming up, things breaking down even if it is slowly)
  • stretching and warming up are both important but in the right order
  • listen to your doctor/physio

Another thing hit home the other day also, and that was a disabled lady telling me how people say she has it easy being in a wheel chair all the time, when they have two good legs!

I have two good legs, and I need to look after them, and then they should take me far. I need to listen to it when they get sore, I need to assess and possibly stop. I had to do this yesterday. My right ITB started to twinge, in my buttock and then in my knee. Fortunately it was only 1km from the end and I was able to use a little pressure to help me get through that last 1km and then apply an icy cold bottle of water to it.

Today it feels fine but it is something I will be watching out for on future runs.

I will listen to my body and take it slow, maybe reassess my goals and give myself room to take it slowly (10km in 6mths).

Right on!

You are right on with this. I also dislike sayings like "no pain, no gain" or "unless you puke, faint or die, keep going." 

Not respecting the feelings their bodies send them is why so many people get running or other injuries. While most discomfort doesn't warrant quitting, most pain does, so we need to learn to know the difference.  

I've also written a post about it...