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Reported on:
19 June 2019 - 8:00pm


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Pollys Kitchen

This morning we did a training walk for the upcoming Kokoda Challenge. I am only on the support crew and don’t actually tackle the challenge itself, but we, the support crew, are still training with the walking team. I guess this way we know some of what they are doing and can better prepare them for the next leg of the challenge.

Polly’s kitchen is a steep walk which will leave you drenched in sweat before you are even half way through it. It was hard to imagine that people actually run this, and the harder sections. We received first hand evidence that it can be done as the track itself was very busy with many people training for the Kokoda Challenge. Most were doing it at a brisk pace with a few even running up and down the slope.

Here is the read out from my watch, though I did miss recording the first 500m of it.

The view from the top and at various points on the trail was beautiful and we were all amazed at how quickly we seemed to reach the top.

Overall it was a good hike and I can see many more in my future.