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29 March 2020 - 2:00pm


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Running in the Cold


Over the last week I have been talking to women (and some men if you count my hubby) about running in the cold weather. Now that winter has hit here in sunny, cloudy, Queensland, I thought it was time to look at what you would wear during those early morning runs. Or even those runs at a more reasonable time of the day.

Firstly, let’s get my hubby’s points out of the way. He, personally, won’t wear anymore than he has to, wearing only shorts and a singlet to run in. He is from New Zealand so for him this is warm. It is very rare for him to wear more then this at any time of the year.

Ok, now onto the mums I have spoken to.

No one seemed to like the cold, though they all seemed to have techniques of getting up and out there. One mother runs with her girls so she starts a little bit later when temperatures are a little more pleasant so excess running gear is kept to a minimum. Another runs in layers, and takes them off as she runs, while another heads out in a long sleeved top.

The big thing I have found out was that it takes commitment, possibly friends, a dog or kids to get you out there when it is chilly. It would be so easy to just stay in bed and snuggle down into the warm blankets and pretend you will do it later. Having those cooler weather running clothes also makes it that little bit easier to get out as you will be warm, and if they are made of technical fabric, then they will still do the job of your short sleeved tops.

The most important thing is to dress sensibly. For example, if you find cold fingers a problem, then wear a pair of gloves (I like my light weight cotton knit gloves).

For cold ears or to avoid loosing excess body heat then a beanie or head band may be necessary.

Cold toes? Then maybe a pair of thicker socks.

What you wear is up to you but dressing to the season and understanding that you will warm up and then have to carry shed clothing or have to find somewhere to stash it, if you do an out and back run, can be a little bit of a problem.

For me I prefer to run in long tights, my gloves and slightly heavier shirt then my summer shirts. Though, on those colder mornings, I will drag out my only long sleeved running shirt which has a soft brushed cotton feel on the inside. And afterwards, if I am not at home, I will throw on a jumper so that I don’t cool down too much (and have a hot chocolate or tea)

Tell me how you dress for those colder morning runs? Do you brave the cold or cover up a little more?