Current weather

Brisbane Airport M. O

Clear sky
  • Clear sky
  • Temperature: 17 °C
  • Wind: South-Southeast, 11.1 km/h
  • Pressure: 1019 hPa
  • Rel. Humidity: 77 %
  • Visibility: 10 km
  • Sunrise: 6:36am +1000
  • Sunset: 5:01pm +1000
Reported on:
19 June 2019 - 8:30pm


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Running In The Rain

If you live in QLD at the moment, no doubt you have been, or are being inundated with rain, and lots of it. Most likely you would have thought about going out in that rain to run, splash in the puddles and have a bit of fun in the cooler, and wetter, summer. I know I have.

At the moment though, QLD is currently going through the worst floods in over 30years and while running in the rain might be fun, it could also prove to be dangerous. With flood waters inundating lots of towns and cities, especially those based along creeks or rivers, it not a necessarily safe place to run. There has been flash flooding which could catch any runner unawares.

If you must run in the rain, please stay away from creeks, streams or rivers as their levels could rise quickly and before you know it you could be swept away. Another thing is to wear bright coloured clothing, as this way you have a higher chance of being seen should you get caught in the flood waters and people will be able to spot you easier.

Take care of where you run, run in groups/pairs if you can and always let someone know where you are going.

Keep safe and dry!