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Brisbane Airport M. O

Broken clouds
  • Broken clouds
  • Temperature: 28 °C
  • Wind: Southeast, 18.5 km/h
  • Pressure: 1014 hPa
  • Rel. Humidity: 70 %
  • Visibility: 10 km
  • Sunrise: 5:37am +1000
  • Sunset: 6:25pm +1000
Reported on:
25 February 2020 - 11:30am


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Stuffed Up

Oops! I missed day 11 and 12 in the 12 days of Christmas. I will make them up, soon, I promise.

But, we all make mistakes, set goals which are hard to achieve and feel like we have let ourselves down. We haven’t really, we have tried, we have persevered, and so what if we didn’t make the finish line, we still gave it a go where others wouldn’t have.

I do feel better for it, and I do realise that I can’t commit to every day of the week. I need those times when I can sleep in, relax or just not have to commit to something else (and that includes letting the kids play on the wii). If I do this again, I will try for every day, or at least most days, and if I miss a day here and there I won’t be too upset. I will be more lenient on myself and take into account how busy I can be sometimes and just the thought of fitting something in is too much. One thing that has happened due to the regular exercise is my increased metabolism, or at least that is what I am assuming it is as I now feel hungry between meals instead of eating a meal because it is that time of the day. I don’t have the junk food cravings I used to, and today I had to wear the belt with my jeans as it was getting a little loose. All pluses in my box.

So, get started now, don’t wait for the New Year, and don’t stress over missing the odd workout. Enjoy the journey and if you stop you can always start again.