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2 April 2020 - 5:30am


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Cooks Tour

Cooks Tour run and organised by TRAQ

Today I didn’t run. Instead I observed, hassled and took an interest in people who looked a bit injured or unwell. I did my part at checkpoint 8 and then back at the pool (base) as a sports trainer (newby).

I saw those who had fallen and scraped up a knee, but the real injury being on the opposite foot.

I saw those who weren’t drinking enough and therefor the scales weighed too little. I told those people to either drink more electrolytes, or water, and for those who were spot on we joked and said well done.

I saw a lady with a sore ITB who had run 10km on it and was in tears at the finish line. I gave her some advice, an ice pack and told her husband to look after her. (and seek professional advice)

I rubbed calves, learnt the best way to lance blisters and settle upset stomachs.

I watched, I observed and I learnt how to hold my bladder for 5+ hours.

But this wasn’t all about me.

There were lots of people on this course and we had over 200 people go through checkpoint 8. There was also those volunteers manning the different checkpoints and many of those people had been up since the early hours of the morning. They set up, they cooked, they prepared and they minded. They shivered, they laughed and showed great sportsmanship. Without these people the run would not be possible.

The runners themselves (quite a few of them mums) were cheery and pleasant and generally uninjured. Some were slow, some were fast and those who ran with friends chatted and laughed lots. Some even chatted so much they missed their turn off point by 1km!

Overall it was a great day, well planned and thought out. It left me with the feeling of wanting to go back and do it all again. Most people had smiles on their faces and seemed to enjoy themselves.

Bring on Flinders Tour!