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Hares and Hounds

2011-01-09 2011 Hare and Hounds 854It rained and rained, and it rained a bit more. The following day Woodford was flooded in and their were landslides due to all of the rain.

Now onto the race.

I only participated in the 5km run, along with two of my sisters, mother and daughter. For me I achieved my goal of the day which was to have my family enjoy what I enjoy. I would love to have them come along to another event.

The event itself was quite fun and challenging, definitely not something you would hope to get your best time at. On the 5km alone, there were two deep (knee deep) creek crossings to pass through and lots of smaller puddles to splash through. At one stage, towards the end it started pelting down and I imagine there weren’t too many dry bodies around.

The most memorable thing about the event, after family and friends, was the rain, how the creeks rose and how people couldn’t finish the race due to flooding creeks.

I look forward to next year but I hope it doesn’t rain quite so much.

Photo supplied by Tim Miller – Dreamsport Photography

It was a fun day out, even if

It was a fun day out, even if it did turn into a 6 day trip for us (stuck out at Kilcoy- flooded in). I reached my goal to finish the 5k's, and not come last.

I think with a bit more training I could do it again... Glad to have a day out, in the mud, with family. :)

Hares and Hounds Woodford

This was my first run. At 56 and with no prior training or experience plus being xxxxkg overweight I was really pleased with myself. I got the placing I wanted. Was lots of fun, especially going through all the water.Was great that 3 daughters and 1 granddaughter also participated.