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Reported on:
29 March 2020 - 3:00pm


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Banana Boat Sunscreen

2012-06-22 Running Gear 005Here in Queensland you need to take care of your skin and protect it from the harsh sun. This statement is partly true. The true bit being that we do need to protect our skin, but those living outside of Queensland, Australia should also look after their skin and can sometimes get caught off guard by the cooler weather. I know I am guilty of not wearing sunscreen all of the time, and my excuses are many. One being that I don’t like the greasy feel and how it feels when I sweat. I think I have found a way around this, and it isn’t by wearing long sleeve shirts, it is by using Banana Boat’s Dry Touch Sunscreen.

I first tried their sunscreen almost 2 years ago when I found myself down in sunny Byron Bay about to go for a run and discovered I had not bought any sunscreen. So, I ventured into an overpriced corner store and found what looked like a suitable sunscreen. I figured it would do and I could make it last. It was great, as I avoided sunburn, did not feel like I had been sitting in a vat of butter after my run and it was in an easily gripped bottle. I was able to forget that I was wearing it, it was that good. Holding the bottle even felt nice and during the application of sunscreen, i did not loose my grip on it.

After that weekend away, I forgot about it for some time, and then my husband came searching for some sunscreen so I gave it to him. He is a photographer and needed something which didn’t give him greasy hands or leave smudges on his equipment. Now we have our own bottles for those times when we don’t want the greasy feel!

While it isn’t the cheapest sunscreen on the supermarket shelf and in a small 175ml bottle, it does hold a lot of benefits over the others out there so I recommend it to those who would prefer the ‘dry touch’ for playing sport, or doing anything out in the sun when greasy is a concern.

So, for this product, I give it a rating of 4 out of 5. While I love the product, for a family of 6 it isn’t the most economical option out there so we still purchase the cheaper options when covering the whole family for a day at the beach.