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Reported on:
2 April 2020 - 6:30am


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Doozie collapsible drink bottles

IMG_9616I first saw these swinging from a lady's hand bag/nappy bag and thought it looked kind of handy, something that could be used on a hike, possibly on a run and would be an easy storage solution for when out and about. Next I saw them hanging out the front of robins kitchen advertised at $2.95 so I thought it wouldn't hurt to trial them. If they worked as I wanted them to then they would be a good and cheap addition to my running kit.
Did they work? Yes and no. They did work as intended but were a little awkward to carry while running to I used the attached clip and put it in my daughters bike. They do carry a decent amount, 450ml, so the fluid level was adequate. I was wearing a waist bag with my phone in it, and once emptied and rolled up it fitted in nicely.
While I wouldn't use this for running it will be handy for a hike, heading out to an activity or perhaps holding a post run drink. It will take up no room at all when it is empty and will fit nicely in an esky full of food as the sides are flexible.
My score - well this is one of those things you will have to make up your own mind about but I won't be using it on a run and it will be used by family for when we go out.