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Fly Active Arm Pocket

2012-06-22 Running Gear 008This is the Fly Active Arm Pocket, and I received this after I submitted an answer to a question from Women's Running Magazine (Australia).

Not only does it have 2 zippered pockets, these pockets seem to be water/sweat proof. They are made of a neoprene material with thin layer of water resistant material between the pockets and on the back. The arm pocket fastens around your upper arm with a simple, but effective, strip of velcro. They are adequately encased in soft neoprene so as to ensure no unpleasant chafing. One other handy feature of this product is the little retractable ID tag.

For me, this product was a great invention and I loved the hands free, nothing bumping around my waist, option. It fit snugly and was not at all uncomfortable and it help up over a 10km course, and lots of sweating.

One thing I didn’t like was the size of the pockets. My smart phone (HTC Touch Diamond) just fit in the pocket but I felt that the material was putting too much pressure on the power button (it turned on the screen every time I put it in) and if I was to put my car/house key in there also, then it could put too much pressure on the glass of my phone’s screen. On my trial run, I kept my phone in my skirt pocket and stored my keys, some money and an ID card in the arm pocket.

The keys, money and ID card appeared to be dry and sweat free at the other end. On the run I hardly noticed it or the items inside.

It is a great product, and a great idea. For those carrying a smaller phone it would be a ideal and could take place over the bum/waist bag. For me though, it wasn’t such a great thing and I will only use it when I can store my phone in a pocket.

I give it a score of 3 out of 5

Fly Active

Photo by Dreamcoat Photography