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Sport Supplements

As we all know, there is a 101 and more different sports supplements, electrolyte replacements and energy foods on the market. All designed to help us perform better, have longer last energy and get through our next marathon experience. So, which one do we choose and how do we know it is the right one for us? What else is out there? Are there natural alternatives?

I know I can’t give any definitive answers to these questions, but I can hope to provide reviews on the products I have found, and my personal preference heads towards the more natural the better. Among some of my favourites is coconut water, but that is a hard one to obtain and then have ready to drink on hand, especially if you don’t want the sweetened, flavoured and already bottled sort. So, I am always on the search for an alternative, where I can read the ingredient list and know what each item is (and it isn’t a number).

Some of those newly found supplements I have found include – Elete electrolyte, and Sharkies

Photo_E1C1D5F6-F954-4F9D-165A-691D77C6607AElete Electrolytes

This stuff can be added to water and you can’t taste it. It is just pure electrolytes obtained from sea minerals. One small bottle (25ml) can make up at least 10L of electrolytes and from the various reviews I have read, this stuff works pretty well.

I had the opportunity to test it, but not in a sporting capacity (injured and unable to run right now), and I was surprised. I had spent the day out helping man checkpoints and I hadn’t drunk much thanks to the checkpoint being in the middle of the bush and no toilets around, so I was a little dehydrated upon arriving home. Usually when I get dehydrated it will take a while for my water levels to get back to a normal level but I had a bottle of water made up and ready to go. Not only did I feel better quickly but it was easy to take down, and I didn’t feel bloated at all.

Because this stuff has no taste (no after-taste noticed either), apparently doesn’t leave any residue, and can be mixed with any liquids, it makes the perfect accompaniment for your sporting endeavours. If you mix it according to instructions, you would only need 2.5ml per litre of water, at full strength, so a small 25ml bottle will not only save you money but will go a long way also. It makes carting your sports drinks around even easier.

So, from me, this gets a big thumbs up and shall be a constant in my sporting nutrition


Photo_836622A9-F9F2-48FC-AAFC-EF6E83517529  Sharkies for Kids

Sugary sweet and a wonderful treat, though for what you get in a packet, they aren’t that family friendly. On the weekend we joined in a fundraising walk and decided to try out the Sharkies – Kids sports chews. I personally didn’t notice any difference in performance upon having my one and I am not sure that my kids did either, but they tasted great, were great motivation, and I could have easily sat down and eaten the whole packets. (Yes I like my lollies). What was good about these sweets was the actual low sugar content, Vitamin C, and natural, if not organic, ingredients. They were also gluten and wheat free, and fructose free.

At the price of $3.50 per packet, I am not sure I would buy them again from an actual shop, as there were only 12 little sharks in the packet, and with 4 kids, they wouldn’t last very long at all. I am yet to trial the adult version, and I have heard good reviews on these, but if these perform better, and are better value for money, I may consider buying these online (approx $2.75 per packet this way) otherwise I may just skip over these as a regular energy source and trial gels. (Or bananas if they ever come down in price)