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Triumph Sports Bras

2011-10-26 Triumph Sportsbra 022Thanks to the great people at Triumph I was recently given the opportunity to trial a couple of their sports bras from the Michelle Bridges series.

First off the block was the Triaction Extreme Moulded sports bra.

I love the colour of this one. It is bright, bold and eye catching (if you decide to show your friends during a trail run). It has wide (not too wide) shoulder straps which are padded for extra comfort, a double hook & eye closure on the back (with enough material to avoid chafing), comfortable underwire (no chafing yet again) and supportive, soft cups. I felt secure in this and was able to wear it all day long without straps falling down, or underwire digging in. I felt comfortable, feminine and well supported. The sizing of this garment is pretty spot on and you should go for the size you normally wear.

I trialled this first out on my favourite trail run, a reasonably easy 5km loop. It isn’t flat and there is hills, and there are rocks and tree roots to trip/step over. Over the course I did not feel any uncomfortableness from bouncing, the shoulder straps didn’t dig in and it wasn’t done up too tight so as to restrict my breathing. It was a very positive experience in all. The next time I went out was on a short run over flat lawn, and once again, it proved it’s worth. The final test to see how it held up was an all day wear, where we were on our feet all day long, learning to coach in different track & field events. We jumped, ran, flung, skipped and stood around. After this all day coaching experience we (friends & I) then threw in a 5.5km trail/dirt road run, where we jumped over rocks, side stepped washed out gullies and plodded along picturesque country roads. At the end of that day I was wishing I could wash it and wear it again the next. This whole day experience won me over.

Would I recommend this sports bra? Yes, definitely yes. Even with the $59.95 price tag, it is money well spent.

I hope to have many km’s with this bra.


2011-10-26 Triumph Sportsbra 031The second bra I got to trial was the Triaction Seamfree sports bra.

This one was quite different from the first, especially in the fit. While I was quite comfortable in the Extreme Moulded sports bra, this one felt a little too constricting. Perhaps it was my untoned abs that caused the discomfort or the large lunch I had just eaten. Who knows, but the first time I wore it I declared ‘I have a mono-boob!’  I had not worn a crop top style bra for many years. (note: the run that day fizzled and never happened so it didn’t get a work out). The next time I trialled it, it was gently raining and I felt a little bit of movement there, mostly at the neck of the bra. It was only minimal and when I finally got to jogging with it on, I was happy with it’s performance. With it’s crossed over straps at the back (racer back style) I could feel the support it gave to my back and I was less inclined to slouch forward while running and more inclined to keep a good posture. That day we completed it’s biggest run of 3km.

I haven’t had too many runs in this top but I am looking forward to the day that I can don it, and it’s gel pad (in the hook and eye closure section) and run along comfortably. It would possibly fit better had I smaller boobs too. If this was the type of thing you enjoyed wearing, I would say go for it. It has a great name and brand associated with it, and they have thought about the comfort and styling for someone who is on the go in a variety of different sporting situations. It is also at a great price of $39.95.

Would I recommend this bra? Yes, but only to those who already like this style (like my 13 year old daughter).

I do however love the ‘glitter pink’ colour, and the other colours it is available in.


My general opinion of Triumph Triaction sports bras – They are well worth the money you would spend on them. They take the time to know what women want (bras that work) and have some pretty exciting colours in their range of technical fabric sports bras. So, give them a go if you haven’t already and find them on Facebook, get advice and find handy bits of information on more then just wearing the right sports bra for you. Triumph Triaction!


Pictures by : Dreamsport Photography

Bras from the Triumph Triaction series