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2 April 2020 - 5:00am


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Ultima Replenisher

20110418_ultima_grapeUltima replenisher is one of the many sports supplements/hydration drinks out there. What is different about this one is that not only does it not contain cane sugar but it doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners either, but it still manages to taste sweet. It does this by using stevia, an alternative to traditional sweeteners. What makes this special is the fact that the sweeteners in this product (stevia) can be consumed by those sensitive to artificial sweeteners and diabetics.

Not only does it have this natural benefit but it sticks to what it advertises on the packet – no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. And it provides all you need in a sports drink to help rehydrate yourself. It doesn’t provide carbohydrates however, and is only available in America so far.

I wanted to trial this product before committing to a large order, or even searching around for others so we could put in a joint order, so I bought a sample pack which contains 10 sachets or the various flavours available for this drink. The flavours available include – grape, lemonade, orange and wild raspberry. So far I have only tried the grape.

The instructions on the packet say to mix the sachet contents with 8-12oz of water, which when converted to Australian measurements, equals about 300ml of water. I did this, and while it was refreshing and tasted a lot like grape hubba bubba with a slight liquorice after taste (which I like), I thought it was a little strongly flavoured. I would be tempted to water it down a little more in the future, but this is just my personal preference, and I am yet to try the other flavours so i can compare.

I give this drink a big thumbs up as it now is easier for those wishing to avoid sugar in their sports drink, to be able to rehydrate with great flavours, but a thumbs down for accessibility and shipping costs. (3 sample packs were going to cost $25 in shipping but I received cheap shipping after long email conversations with the manager)

different flavours

I have since tried all of the other flavours, as have my kids, and we all enjoyed the lemonade the best, with a tie between raspberry and orange.